December 22, 2011: Gospel Truth, The Young, Dikes of Holland

The Gospel Truth, The Young and Dikes of Holland at one of the last shows @Emo's on Red River and it was a fun one.

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDS...

Gospel Truth

The Young - "Smiling God"

Dikes of Holland - "Annabel"

December 18, 2011: Simple Circuit and Flesh Lights

Simple Circuit and Flesh Lights @Beerland for Gerard, Jeremy and Renate's birthday party.

Here are some PICS...

And here are some VIDS...

Simple Circuit - "Get Hid"

Simple Circuit - "Sattrash"

Flesh Lights - "Military Drive"

Flesh Lights - "Mr. Resistible"

Flesh Lights - "Novel"

December 17, 2011: All over the damn place

Saturday night was so frickin fun! Soulphonics and Ugly Beats @Legendary White Swan (early show), Candi and the Cavities and Manikin (with special guest George Stevenson) @Bernadette's, Shit Creek and Crisis Hotlines @Legendary White Swan (late show) and the OBN IIIs @Beerland!

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDS...

Ugly Beats - "KO'd"

Manikin - "Fumes"

Crisis Hotlines - "A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L."

December 16, 2011: Smithers, The Extravaganza, Planets

Smithers, The Extravaganza and Planets rocked it @Legendary White Swan. Dang, I get winded just watching Yazzie jump around. Scroll down to check out the Yazzercise video and some footage of The Extravaganza.



Smithers - "You Can't Go Back"

The Extravaganza - "Blackout"

The Extravaganza - "For Me"

The Extravaganza - "I'm Done"

December 15, 2011: Dead End Cruisers, Chumps, Jesus Christ Superfly

One of the Emo's farewell shows featuring some bands that started up in the '90s. It was a hell of a good time. See below for some pics and video of 3 Chumps songs.



Chumps - "I'm a Chump"

Chumps - "Punch Mama"

Chumps - "Kill All Musicians"

December 10, 2011: Sons of Hercules, Bad Lovers, Tempo Tantrums

It had been almost 9 months since I saw a Sons of Hercules show and damn, did I miss them. They played a great show at the 29th St. Ballroom with the excellent Bad Lovers and the always exuberant Tempo Tantrums! 3 of my faves! It was beautiful.

Here are some PICS of the show...

And here are some VIDS...

Before the Tempo Tantrums started, Danny played a little holiday music. Check it out here:

After that, the Tempo Tantrums got to rocking. Here's "First Plane Out":

Tempo Tantrums - "Ixnay On The Eerbay"

Tempo Tantrums - "Kathleen"

I also got video of two other Tempo Tantrums songs. You can check 'em here and there.

Bad Lovers - "I'm So Down"

Bad Lovers - (I don't know the title to this song yet).

Bad Lovers - (I don't know this song's title either).

Sons of Hercules - "Once I Was"

Sons of Hercules - "IOU Nothing"

December 3, 2011: House Party and Frontier Bar

The party @Eric Unusual's house for Suzanne, Eric and Jillian's birthday was a total rocker, courtesy of Queen St., We Know Where You Live, Bad Lovers and the Flash Boys! Scroll down after the pics for some video from the party.

My rock and roll nightcap was provided by the Ugly Beats @Frontier Bar.
I missed the Strange Attractors' set and most of The Ripe's set @Frontier. One of these days I'll figure out how to be in two places at once.

Here are some PICS...

and some VIDS...

We Know Where You Live playing a song...

We Know Where You Live playing "Bills"

Bad Lovers playing "Actin' Strange"

Bad Lovers playing "I'm So Down"

Flash Boys playing "Move"

Flash Boys playing "Dead at the Bus Stop"

Flash Boys playing "Eaten Alive"

December 2, 2011: Hotel Vegas and Beerland

Early show (too early) @Hotel Vegas. Unfortunately, I missed most of Air Traffic Controllers' set at said early show (dang!), but on the plus side, Rhett and Dean and the French Inhales helped me move on.

And so, move on I did... to Beerland to see Gospel Truth, Cause for Applause and Natural Child. Two great shows in one night. It was a beautiful thing indeed.

Here are some PICS for your perusal...

I got some VIDS of Rhett and Dean and the French Inhales @Hotel Vegas and the Gospel Truth @Beerland....

Rhett and Dean

Rhett and Dean playing "Never Going Back"

French Inhales playing "Small Amongst Giants

French Inhales playing "Bored and Lonely"

French Inhales playing a new song, "White Out the World"

French Inhales playing "Everything Pure"

Gospel Truth playing "Never Gonna Go"

Gospel Truth playing a tune tentatively called "What Keeps You Up at Night"

November 27, 2011: The Ripe @Club DeVille

A few pics from The Ripe's show @Club DeVille. There's also video of them playing "Joni" and "Headless Heart".



The Ripe - "Joni"

The Ripe - "Headless Heart"

November 20, 2011: The Gospel Truth and Manikin

The Gospel Truth and Manikin met up at the monthly garage sale @Red 7 to eat Micklethwait's meat (not pictured). They also played some music.

Here are some PICS...

And here is some VID of The Gospel Truth playing "Beasts"

And... Manikin playing "Lose Control"

November 19, 2011: Flash Boys CD release show

CD release show for the Flash Boys' "Dyin' for Somethin to Live for" with We Know Where You Live, Gentlemen's Social Club and of course, Flash Boys. The cd is great! So buy it already.

Here are some PICS...

And here's some video of We Know Where You Live playing "Bills"...

November 17, 2011: Creamers Record Release show

Record release show at Beerland for the Creamers 7" single with (in order of appearance): Crooked Bangs, Creamers, Culture Kids and OBN IIIs. It was my first time seeing Crooked Bangs (scroll down to see video)and I thought they were great! OBN IIIs (scroll down for video) and Creamers kicked ass as usual and the touring band Culture Kids (San Francisco) rocked it!

Here are some PICS from the evening...

And here's some VIDS...

Crooked Bangs - "20th Century Mind"

Crooked Bangs - "Shrill"

OBN IIIs - "Do My Thing"

OBN IIIs - "New Innocence"

November 11, 2011: Art by Bill/Marisa/Alfie; Music by Manikin/Chumps

Bill Jeffery, Marisa Pool and Alfie Rabago put on a group art show @Rio Rita. Go check it out!

Later that night, The Chumps and Manikin (a band called Free Beer opened the show, but I didn't take any pictures of them) put on a group rock show @29th St. Ballroom.

Here are some PICS from that fine evening...

Here is some video of The Chumps, with assistance from Bill Jeffery on trumpet, playing a rather loose version of "Pharmacy". Frankie says it's Bill's fault. of Manikin playing "Hole" from their most recent Super Secret Records 7" single.

Here's Manikin debuting their brand new song "Goodbye Oblivia" (with BJ on vocals).

Last video of the evening: Manikin playing "Fumes".

November 10, 2011: ELVIS Record Release Show

Record release show for ELVIS's "Crime of the Scene" with A Giant Dog @29th St. Ballroom. It was a great one!

Here are some PICS...

I took some VIDS and of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone. The results are a bit more on the impressionistic side than usual (i.e. you really have to squint to make out the band). Not sure I like these. I may make different versions. We'll see. In the meantime...

A Giant Dog - "QYJARA"

ELVIS - "I Don't Care"

November 5, 2011: Lola-Cola and Dikes of Holland

Lola-Cola played a benefit for KOOP Radio @Nasty's; Dikes of Holland had a tour kick-off show @29th St. Ballroom.

Here are some PICS...

And, VIDS...

Lola-Cola - "Oh You Beautiful Child" (Spiv cover)

Lola-Cola - "Tough Love"

Dikes of Holland

November 4, 2011: Planets, Agent Ribbons, Kay Leotard

Planets, Agent Ribbons, Kay Leotard and Follow That Bird @Frontier Bar. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Follow That Bird. The bands all played excellent sets and it was my first time seeing Agent Ribbons and Kay Leotard.

Here are some pics from the show...

Here's a vid of Planets playing "Get It Done":

And here's a vid of Kay Leotard. I don't know the song title yet.

October 22, 2011: Halloween Fuzz Club, etc.

Early Halloween celebration @Fuzz Club with the Really Rottens, Casanova Frankenstein and DJ Sue! And a little late-night shenanigans @Shawn Carpetbagger's chest fuzz club!

Here are some PICS...

And here's some VIDS of the Really Rottens...

The Really Rottens - "High School Witch"

The Really Rottens - "Comanche"

October 21, 2011: A Giant Dog, Shapes Have Fangs +

Yet another great show @Beerland with A Giant Dog, Shapes Have Fangs, TV Ghost (from Indiana) and Bad Lovers.

Here are some PICS from the show...

And here are some VIDS from the show...

Bad Lovers - "Breathin' Hot"

Shapes Have Fangs - "Dinner in the Dark"

Shapes Have Fangs - (as-yet-untitled new song)

TV Ghost - don't know the title

A Giant Dog - "The Grand"

October 15, 2011: OBN IIIs @Beerland

Once again, the OBN IIIs rocked the shit outta the joint! This time around, they had help from Broncho (Oklahoma) and The Mahas (Houston).

Here's a very quick view of what went down:

Here's the OBN IIIs doin' "Kick Me Out"

And, here's a slower view of the proceedings.

October 14, 2011: Fleshtones Party!

Ain't no party like a Fleshtones party! The Fleshtones (with help from the Ugly Beats) got down @Uncle Billy's on Lake Travis, of all places. The afterparty was The Ripe gig @Emos. "Good times" doesn't even come close to describing it.

I got carried away and I took a lot of video that night: 7 Ugly Beats vids, 7 Fleshtones vids and 2 of The Ripe

First, here's a fast slideshow (don't blink!) to get you up to speed on what ya missed...

And now here's some VIDS, (okay it's a LOT of video), so get your dancing shoes on..

The Ugly Beats - 1 - "Throw Me a Line"

The Ugly Beats - 2 - "Starry Eyes"

The Ugly Beats - 3 - "Your Turn to Cry"

The Ugly Beats - 4 - "Los gusanos"

The Ugly Beats - 5 - "Sombras"

The Ugly Beats - 6 - "Harm's Way"

The Ugly Beats - 7 - "I'll Make You Happy"

The Fleshtones - 1 - "Feels Good to Feel"

The Fleshtones - 2 - "Pretty Pretty Pretty"

The Fleshtones - 3 - " ? "

The Fleshtones - 4 - "Remember the Ramones"

The Fleshtones - 5 - " ? "

The Fleshtones - 6 - "Some Kinda Fun"

The Fleshtones - 7 - "Hexbreaker"

The Ripe - 1 - "Yellow Phone"

The Ripe - 2 - "The Greatest"

And finally here are some PICS at normal speed...

October 8, 2011: Bang Bang Theodores, Rhett & Dean, John Wesley Coleman III

Good times @Frontier Bar with Bang Bang Theodores, Rhett & Dean, and John Wesley Coleman III.

Scroll down past the slideshow to see video of all 3 bands!



Bang Bang Theodores - "When I'm Dead"

Rhett and Dean - "Eating in Eden"

John Wesley Coleman III - "Oh, Basketball"

John Wesley Coleman III - "Where Did My Friends Go?"

October 7, 2011: The Ripe and Friends

The Ripe returned from their tour of Spain and Italy with much/mucho/molto mojo and loosed it upon us @Red 7. December Boys, Zest of Yore and Miss Melvis rocked it also/también/anche!

As usual, you can see a slideshow of pics from the evening and after the slideshow, see some video from December Boys and The Ripe.



December Boys - "Sell the Moon"

The Ripe - "Constant Waves"

October 4, 2011: HAAM Benefit Day

Went to shows @Red 7 and Beerland for HAAM Benefit day. Contributed a little money to a great cause and was instantly rewarded by some lovely thunder, some thunder was louder than others (some thunders' mothers are louder than other thunders' mothers) but it was all lovely; and it was delivered by the likes of Air Traffic Controllers, Eric Static, Modok, Sally Crewe and The Sudden Moves, Aaron Blount and Simple Circuit.

After the slideshow of the pics, you can see some video of Air Traffic Controllers, Eric Static, Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves, Aaron Blount and Simple Circuit.


Apologies for getting carried away with the zoom. I just discovered the digital zoom feature which had been turned off, so as I said, I went overboard...
OK, here are the VIDS:

Air Traffic Controllers - "Ixithra vs. Lanza"

Eric Static - "Requests"

Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves - "Make Me Stay"

Aaron Blount - "Orphan in Bloom"

Simple Circuit - "Slide Whine"

Simple Circuit - "Rathead Submarine"

October 1, 2011: Eastside Saturday night

Had a great time at the Melissa Bryan Record Release Party that also doubled as an art show @Obsolete Industries. John Wesley Coleman put on a great performance. Also my first time @Frontier Bar where I saw The Really Rottens and Smithers. Then made my way back to E. 12th St to the Legendary White Swan to see about half of ELVIS's set, as well as an interesting performance by B L A C K I E. Coma in Algiers capped off the evening.

Here is a slideshow of the edited pics.

This is a slideshow of unedited photos from that evening. Music is a live recording of John Wesley Coleman from that night.

VIDS of John Wesley Coleman III, Smithers and Coma in Algiers...

John Wesley Coleman III - "Bad Lady Goes to Jail"

Smithers - "Jealous Minds"

Coma in Algiers - "Leipzig"

September 29, 2011: French Inhales, Lola-Cola, A Giant Dog

Another great Thursday with The French Inhales and Lola-Cola @Scoot Inn and A Giant Dog @Red 7.

Keep scrolling past the slideshow to see 2 videos of The French Inhales, 3 of Lola-Cola and 1 of A Giant Dog.



French Inhales – “Small Amongs Giants”

French Inhales - “Everything Pure”

Lola-Cola – “You Melt my Ice Cream Castle”

Lola-Cola – “Crowding Up My Mirror”

Lola-Cola – cover of “Fan Club”

A Giant Dog – “To Put It Bluntly”

September 16, 2011: First Comes Chumps, then comes Flesh Lights...

Good start to the evening with my beloved Chumps @Trailer Space. Then it was on to the Flesh Lights record release show @29th St. Ballroom with great sets by Creamers, Dead Space, Wiccans, Bad Sports and the aforementioned Flesh Lights!

After the slideshow, you'll see videos of the Chumps ("What You Need", "Punch Mama", "I Do the Things I Do"), Bad Sports ("Can't Stay" and "On Video"/"Face Like That") and Flesh Lights (I need to ask Max for the title).



Chumps - "What You Need"

Chumps - "Punch Mama"

Chumps - "I Do the Things I Do"

Bad Sports - "Can't Stay"

Bad Sports - "On Video"/"Face Like That"

Flesh Lights - don't know the title yet

September 4, 2011: Planets, French Inhales, Manikin, Jared Zoltar

Pingponged between Beauty Bar and Beerland to see Jared Zoltar (Beerland), Smithers, Manikin and French Inhales (Beauty Bar), and Planets (Beerland).

Keep going after the slideshow to see performances on video by: Jared Zoltar, Manikin and French Inhales. Sorry, no Smithers footage this time around.



Jared Zoltar - "Animal Dreams"

Manikin - "Face the Wall"

Manikin - "Perfect Pictures"

Manikin - "Hole"

French Inhales - "Surfing for Goths"

French Inhales - "Bored and Lonely"

Planets - "Weapon Void" with Bill Jeffery guesting on trumpet.

Planets - "1977"

September 1, 2011: Followed By Static, Rhett & Dean, Melissa Bryan, Angel Babies

Rockin' Thursday @Beerland with Followed By Static, Rhett & Dean, Melissa Bryan and The Angel Babies. I only saw about half of the Angel Babies' set, who I had never seen before, but what I saw, I dug. I wish I'd seen all of it. Fortunately, the rest of the acts made up for what I missed.

Keep scrolling to the bottom to see pictures from the show as well as see/hear some video, including 2 songs by Melissa Bryan - "Days Past Long" and "Rock 'n' Roll Saved My Life Last Night".

There are also 6 numbers by Rhett & Dean (I got a little carried away). I hope Rhett & Dean will help me out and provide song titles. On the videos, Rhett says the titles of the first (I'm Your Fire?) and last (Tears of a Cherokee?) songs, but I'm not certain I heard him right.

Last, but certainly not least, there are 2 songs by Followed By Static - "Nightmares" and "Chub".

Update: Rhett has kindly provided the song titles: ‎1- Never Retired, 2 - eating in eden, 3 - cosmic balzac (name of the bong), 4 - sick of my world, 5 - be somebody, 6 - tears of the cherokee



Melissa Bryan - "Days Past Long"

Melissa Bryan - "Rock 'n' Roll Saved My Life Last Night"

Rhett & Dean - "Never Retired"

Rhett & Dean - "Eating in Eden"

Rhett & Dean - "Cosmic Balzac (Name of the Bong)"

Rhett & Dean - "Sick of my World"

Rhett & Dean - "Be Somebody"

Rhett & Dean - "Tears of the Cherokee"

Followed By Static - "Nightmares"

Followed By Static - "Chub"

August 28, 2011: Lola-Cola, Gospel Truth, Stuffies

Raucous show with the Stuffies, Gospel Truth and Lola-Cola @Beerland!


Slideshow of edited pics...

Slideshow of unedited pics from the show:


Stuffies playing a new song @Beerland. Aaron says they haven't quite finished working up the song, including the full lyrics. I think it sounds pretty good as an instrumental, though.

Stuffies - "Miracle"

August 27, 2011: Planets, Holy Wave, Bobby Jealousy

Planets, Holy Wave and Bobby Jealousy @Ruta Maya.



Holy Wave - "Best Friends"

Planets - "Love Song/Drug Song"

Planets - "Doctor Disappearing"

Planets - "Planets"

Planets - "Sometimes"

August 25, 2011: A Giant Dog, Ugly Beats, Candi and the Cavities, Literature

A Giant Dog, the Ugly Beats @Mohawk. Candi and the Cavities, Literature @29th St. Ballroom.



A Giant Dog - "Cowboy"

A Giant Dog - "To Put It Bluntly"

The Ugly Beats - "Come On"

The Ugly Beats - "Walking Out on Love"

Literature - "Arab Spring"

Literature - "Manmade Man"

August 12, 2011: Ichi Ni San Shi, Coyote Slingshot and more

Criminally underattended night @Beerland with Ichi Ni San Shi, Coyote Slingshot, Best Fwends and Utopia Park.

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Almost Ready"

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Here Sometime Today"

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Gene"

August 10, 2011: The Return of the Gospel Truth

The long-awaited return of the Gospel Truth! They played a great set @29th St. Ballroom.

The Gospel Truth - "Lonely Man"

The Gospel Truth - "Never Gonna Go"

August 6, 2011: The Ripe and Shapes Have Fangs @Mohawk

The Ripe and Shapes Have Fangs played fantastic sets @Mohawk!



The Ripe - "Magic Eyes"

The Ripe - "Dr. Strange"

Shapes Have Fangs - new song (unknown title)

Shapes Have Fangs - "The Desert (Has a Place for You)"

Shapes Have Fangs - "Terlingua"

Shapes Have Fangs - "Shapes Theme/Only Blood"

August 3, 2011: Simple Circuit @Top of the Pops @29th St. Ballroom

Simple Circuit at the weekly Top of the Pops event thingy @29th St. Ballroom

Simple Circuit - "Sow Idle"

July 30, 2011: Zoltars and ELVIS @Rubberneck release party

Zoltars and ELVIS at the Rubberneck zine release party @Beerland



Zoltars - "Party at the Batcave"

ELVIS - "I Don't Care"

ELVIS - "My Way Robbery"

ELVIS - "You're So Good to Me"

July 29, 2011: L-C, KOSL, SA @29th St Barroom

Lola-Cola, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and Strange Attractors ran wild in the Barroom at the 29th St. Ballroom! Yazzie on a stage that's practically an extension of the bar...either a brilliant idea or a terribly, terribly bad idea.... Anyhoo, it was great fun!



Lola-Cola - "I Run Wild"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Capsules"

July 23, 2011: Hex Dispensers @Breakaway Records

Hex Dispensers played @Breakaway Records' Summer Shing-a-Ling.


+ 1 VID...

Hex Dispensers - "Forest Ray Colson"

July 22, 2011: Mission of Burma, Ume, Daniel Francis Doyle +

Ume and Daniel Francis Doyle opened the show for Mission of Burma, who totally killed, @Mohawk! Went to finish out the night on a mellow note @Hole in the Wall with December Boys.


+ 2 VIDS...

Mission of Burma - "1, 2, 3, Partyy!"

Mission of Burma - "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate"

July 16, 2011: Party Saturday

Really Rottens and Thunderchiefs @Counter Culture's 2nd Anniversary bash.


+ 4 VIDS...

The Really Rottens - "High School Witch"

The Thunderchiefs - "Malagueña"

The Thunderchiefs - "Our Last Night"

The Thunderchiefs - "Off the Board"

July 14, 2011: Planets, Hatchet Wound, French Inhales

Planets, Hatchet Wound and French Inhales @Emo's. There are many Austin bands I like. And it's always way cool when 3 of them are on the same bill!


July 9, 2011: French Inhales, Coma in Algiers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers

French Inhales, Coma in Algiers and Kingdom of Suicide Lovers @the Scoot Inn. Cop Warmth also played, but they were done by the time I decided to start taking pictures. Good times!


+2 VIDS...

Coma in Algiers - "In the Western Night"

The French Inhales - "All Bed and No Breakfast"

July 8, 2011: Flesh Lights, Creamers, Bottle Service

During night 3 or 4 of Beerland's 10th anniversary celebration week.


July 3, 2011: Manikin, LoveCollector, Eeries, Candi&TheCavities

Candi and the Cavities started the show off @the Broken Neck. Up next was Love Collector, followed by the Eeries (from Philadelphia). Manikin played last and as a bonus, they had 9 songs on the set list, instead of their usual 8. It was a great end to my birthday week!


+ 3 VIDS...

Manikin - "First React"

Manikin - "Perfect Pictures"

Manikin - "No Reason"

July 2, 2011: Ugly Beats @Carousel Lounge

Ugly Beats put on another great show in their natural habitat, the Carousel Lounge. These pics are kind of a Jeanine-fest 'cause I was standing right in front of her, but there ain't nothin' wrong with that!


June 28, 2011: Birfday funday with TBS, LC, DOH, BG

It was a great birthday for me with good friends and some badass bands! The Blind Shake from Minneapolis (Twin Cities, yeah!) brung the R O C K! Traveling a shorter distance to bring the rock were Love Collector, Dikes of Holland and Black Gum.



Dikes of Holland - "No Desire"

The Blind Shake - "Hurracan"

The Blind Shake - "Seriousness" and "O' Rider"

Lover Collector - "My Baby Goes Waah!"

June 23, 2011: K O S L Record Release show @Ruta Maya

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers record release show @Ruta Maya with Tempo Tantrums and Light Me Up. I wussed out and left before the last band.



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Hoboken Snow"

Tempo Tantrums - "World Comes Crashing Down"

Tempo Tantrums - "Down in the Basement"

Tempo Tantrums - "Kathleen"

June 20, 2011: penultimate show @the Parlor North Loop

The penultimate show @Parlor North Loop with Crisis Hotlines, Bottle Service and the fabulous debut of Rhett and Dean was great, and of course, bittersweet.



Crisis Hotlines - "Crisis"

Rhett and Dean

June 18, 2011: Bottle Service, Bike Problems, Really Rottens

Bottle Service @Trailer Space; Bike Problems and The Really Rottens @Legendary White Swan.



Bottle Service - "I Know Who I Am" + "Spaghetti Song"

Bike Problems - "Strange Addictions"

The Really Rottens - "Squad Car"

June 12, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (pt. 4)

Night 2 of 2 for Paul Collins Beat's gigs at the 29th St (Spiderhouse/United States Art Authority/The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) Ballroom and night 4 of my badass weekend. Opening for PCB: A Giant Dog and OBN IIIs. Oh yeaaaaaah!

June 11, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (pt. 3)

Night 1 of 2 for Paul Collins Beat's gigs at the 29th St (Spiderhouse/United States Art Authority/The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) Ballroom and night 3 of my badass weekend. Opening for PCB: Flesh Lights and Bad Sports. Hotdamn!

June 10, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (pt. 2)

Another fanfuggintastic Friday with Literature and Shitty Beach Boys @the Parlor. To really put a nice capper on the evening, Grand Champeen (one of my favorites!) played @Mohawk.

June 9, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (Pt. 1)

This Thursday kickoff to the weekend was one bad muhfugger! I did 5 one-way trips between Skinny's Ballroom and Emo's, so this fatass got his sweat on both during and between the bands' sets. And although I didn't get to see their set, I got the Planets cd (with a little help from my friends...Dan, I owe you 2 bucks!) and I am thoroughly diggin' it.



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers

The Beta Rhythm - "The One"

The Ripe - "A Good Thing Found"

The Ripe - "Be Adventurous"

May 26, 2011: Scrabble Robot, Boosy Cray, The Damn Times

 Rockin' Thursday night show!



Scrabble Robot

The Damn Times

May 25, 2011: Hex Dispensers, Cola Freaks +

Rockin' Wednesday with Flesh Lights, Broken Gold, Fossils, Cola Freaks (and their sweaty-ass microphone) and Hex Dispensers.



Flesh Lights

Hex Dispensers - "Lose My Cool"/"I've Got My Doppelganger On"

May 20, 2011: A Giant Dog, The Energy, Simple Circuit, JWC

Awesome show @Beerland with John Wesley Coleman, Simple Circuit, The Energy and A Giant Dog.



Simple Circuit - "Boarded Up Houses"

Simple Circuit - "Teenage Ghost"

Simple Circuit - "Sattrash"

May 19, 2011: ELVIS, French Inhales, Lola-Cola, K.O.S.L. +

The French Inhales put together a great show @Emo's. In order of appearance, the bands were: Heirloom, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Lola-Cola, French Inhales and ELVIS.



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Warm Leather"

Lola-Cola - "Lola-Cola +"

May 14, 2011: Ugly Beats @Ruta Maya

Ugly Beats played another rockin' show as usual!


Ugly Beats - "Don't, Girl", "I'll Make You Happy", "Slow Death", "Maximum Bumble"

May 13, 2011: Manikin, BangBangTheodores, HowIQuitCrack, Zoltars

Manikin celebrated the release of their latest Super Secret Records 7" single, Minority Rules, with a show @Cheer Up Charlie's. (Check out my posted videos to hear Manikin's killer version of "Grinding Halt"), Bang Bang Theodores were also on that bill, which was cool 'cause I've been meaning to check 'em out. Dug 'em. As usual, there were a bunch of other good shows happening, but I was only able to make it one other show and I caught the last two bands @Beerland: How I Quit Crack and the Zoltars! Good night all 'round.



Manikin - "Grinding Halt"

Manikin - "The Manikin"

May 7, 2011: otro sábado de rock

Really Rottens @Green House;
Extravaganza, Jensen Eyes, Chumps @the Parlor;
Lola-Cola @Beerland.


The Really Rottens - "The Tingler"

The Really Rottens - "Bullet Drama"

The Chumps - "Kill All Musicians"

The Chumps - "I Got a Problem"


April 29, 2011: Strange Attractors and Tia Carrera

Strange Attractors record release show at Trailer Space. In the grand tradition of Austin record release shows, the physical record is not available yet (but if you preorder the vinyl, you can get the download). Tia Carrera was also releasing a record that day. I don't know if they had theirs on hand. The Wolf played first, but I only got to hear their last song.

VIDEO: Strange Attractors - "Reverberation"

April 27, 2011: Last Year's Men, Reigning Sound, Dikes of Holland

Free show at the Mohawk with Last Year's Men and Reigning Sound and Dikes of Holland tour kickoff show at Beerland...on Red River St, Austin, TX 78701

April 22, 2011: Church Shoes, Dikes of Holland, American Sharks

Church Shoes, Dikes of Holland and American Sharks played at Hotel Vegas.


VID: Dikes of Holland - "Gone"

April 15, 2011: Flash Boys, Los Skarnales, Ugly Beats

Flash Boys DO play rock and roll!!
I don't know if Los Skarnales play e-ska-roll or what, but whatever you call it, it was fun!
Ugly Beats ALSO play rock and roll (también, auch, too)!

April 11, 2011: Ugly Beats @The Ritz

Ugly Beats played before the screening of "Teen-A-Go-Go".



Ugly Beats - "Motor"

Ugly Beats - "Your Turn to Cry"

Ugly Beats - "Sombras"

Ugly Beats - "KO'd"

Ugly Beats - "Bee Line"

April 8, 2011: Wire @the Mohawk

Wire kicked some serious ass at the Mohawk. TV Torso opened. They weren't bad, but I don't think they were the right band for the bill. Ah, who cares, Wire kicked ass!!!

March 27, 2011: DEVO

As you can see from the pictures, I got there a bit late, so I couldn't get all the way up to the front...

March 23, 2011: Hugh Cornwell w/the Chumps

Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers played a free show at Lovejoy's. The Chumps opened. It was pretty cool.

March 20, 2011: SxSW, day 6

For SouthbySunday, I figured I'd just chill out at Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest all day and listen to some of my favorite local bands, while occasionally popping over to Beerland for a couple of bands, just like last year. And that's pretty much what I did, but it was even better than I hoped. I heard/saw all or part of 18 sets of music (17 different acts!) with a very nice mix of local and non-local bands. Here's how it went down, more or less... @Beerland: 1) Burnt Ones, 2) Carletta Sue Kay, 3) Brainstorm, 6) X-Ray Eyeballs, 10) Dominique Young Unique, 11) Vockah Redu, and 13) White Mystery; @UDCDF: 4) Quin Galavis, 5) Guadalupe Plata, 7) Strange Attractors, 8) Beta Rhythm, 9) Serious Tracers, 12) The Ripe, 14) Til We're Blue or Destroy, 15) Ugly Beats, 16) A Giant Dog and 17) Cynics. Then I walked over to Emo's to see 18) Vockah Redu again. Much love to Doug for putting on Chili Dog Fest again. I know I say this a lot, but it truly was a beautiful thing.

March 19, 2011: SxSW, day 5

Saturday was another great day of sx'11. Started off with Gentleman Jesse and his Men @Mess With Texas party, then headed over to the Grackle to see Gringo Star and the Golden Boys. After that, it was back to MWTX, where I saw two bands I didn't know (City and Colour, and Dodos) while working my way to the front for OFF!. I went over to the tent stage @MWTX to see the Fresh and Onlys while waiting for Dávila 666 to go on. At that point, I needed a break, so I went home for a while. Then I ended the night @Spider House with Shannon and the Clams, the Shrapnelles, Mickey and the Flesh Lights! Saw 12 bands in all, so that was a nice warmup for Sunday...

March 18, 2011: SxSW, day 4

Another relatively slow day in terms of number of bands seen, but they were all great. And I got to see one of my favorites twice! After dropping one of the out-of-towners off at the airport, I hauled ass downtown to try to catch the first band of the day. They'd already started, but luckily I caught a good portion of Wounded Lion's set @Shangri-La. Next, it was off to Spider House to see the Woggles, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Bass Drum of Death and Dávila 666. After a short break, went to Cheer Up Charlie's and saw Wounded Lion (again!) and Personal and the Pizzas. Finished off the evening @Legendary White Swan with the Damn Times and the Sons of Hercules!

March 17, 2011: SxSW, day 3

Screw it.., I'm just uploading the jpeg versions for now. No time to convert the .raw files. Maybe I'll upload those versions later. Anyhoo, it was a relatively mellow sx Thursday. I only saw 9 bands. It would have been more, but the out-of-towners wanted to eat at a sit-down restaurant and, being the consummate host, I accommodated them. Can't really complain though 'cause I still got to see... @Spider House: 1) The Chevelles, 2) the muhfuggin' Ugly Beats, 3) Grand Atlantic, 4) Level Spirits, 5) Dom Mariani Trio and 6) the frickin Fleshtones! Then we saw three more bands @Trailer Space: 7) Unholy Two (not sure if I got the name right), 8) the Onions and 9) Mickey. After that, we got some grub at Kerbey Lane and called it a night.

March 16, 2011: SxSW, day 2

I felt like I was never gonna get through all my sxsw pictures. Here's a rundown of the pics from Wednesday...

We started at Waterloo Records for Wild Flag and Fitz and the Tantrums. Next, we went over to see the Woggles at Elysium. Then went next door, but Wounded Lion had already played at Beerland (dang!). Then I think my out-of-town d-bags demanded a break, so we got something to eat. Then we headed over to Spider House and caught Thee Oh Sees. After that, it was back to Beerland to finish out the night at the SuperSecret/Mortville showcase, which was free this year! Once there, we saw Coyote Slingshot, the Extravaganza, Ichi Ni San Shi, Scrabble Robot, Simple Circuit, Manikin and the OBN IIIs! And yeah, I know, 172 pics is a lot... I already got rid of 600 shots, but feel free to tell me which other ones I should delete.