January 16, 2016: SafeHouseBeardedLadyDowntown

Afternoon scenes from Safehouse Sessions # 1 with improvisational quartet Art Acevedo, Dan and Jared; early evening scenes from Bearded Lady with False Idol and Boss Eye; nighttime scenes from Barracuda with Mean Jolene and Sidewinder with Glue; closing scenes back at Barracuda with the Zoltars.



Art Acevedo - "The Seductive Arts"

Art Acevedo - "Outreach"

Art Acevedo - "Art in Party"

Art Acevedo - "Inarticulate"

Dan and Jared - "Ryan Fontaine"

Dan and Jared - "Nathan Wray"

Dan and Jared - "Scott McMurray"

False Idol

Boss Eye - "Hoarders"

Boss Eye - "Tasmanian Tiger

Boss Eye - "They're Coming (for You)"

The Zoltars - "I'm Stressed"

January 9, 2016: UW.CSSS.B.GG

Scenes from Beerland with US Weekly, Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, Borzoi and Ghetto Ghouls.



US Weekly - "Search History"

US Weekly - "Mein Kampf"

US Weekly - "American Piss"

Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes - "Waiting"

Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes - "Monahans"

Borzoi - "Prayer for War"/"Lizard Men of the Third Reich"

Ghetto Ghouls

Ghetto Ghouls - "I.O.U. Crimes"

January 8, 2016: DamnTimes/Enduro/GospelTruth

Scenes from Beerland with The Damn Times, Enduro, DamnDuro (Damn Times+Enduro) and The Gospel Truth.



The Damn Times - "Five to Five"

Enduro - "Rock Music

The Gospel Truth - "Artifact"

The Gospel Truth - "You Don't Want Me"

January 6, 2016: ATC~AA~SDM~NF~KOSL

Opening scenes from North Door with Sick Van, Air Traffic Controllers, improvisational quartet Art Acevedo and Shawn David McMillen and friend; closing scenes from Hotel Vegas with Nameless Frames and the return of Kingdom of Suicide Lovers.



Sick Van

Air Traffic Controllers

Art Acevedo - "First The Art" / "The Real Acevedo" / "Chief Among Arts"

Art Acevedo - "Ours in Yours"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Time-Bomb"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Young and Destroyed"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Phoenix Sunrise"

January 1, 2016: New Year's Day

Opening scenes from Sidewinder with Super Thief; closing scenes from Barracuda with Leather Girls and Telepods.



Super Thief - "Euthanasia"

Leather Girls - "Arabian Daze"

Leather Girls - "Security"

Telepods - "Zombie"


December 20, 2015: PC-NF-QG

Opening scenes from Hotel Vegas with Polio Club and Nameless Frames; closing scenes from Cheer Up Charlie's with Quin Galavis.



Polio Club - "Poison the Well"

Polio Club - "Faces and Phases"

Polio Club - "Let Up"

Nameless Frames - "Control"

Nameless Frames - "Said a Prayer"

Nameless Frames - "Garbage Can"

Nameless Frames - "Upstairs"

Quin Galavis

Quin Galavis - "Evermore"

Quin Galavis - "Vile and Disgusting"

Quin Galavis

December 19, 2015: 12XU's War On XXXmas

Scenes from 12XU's War on XXXmas party at Beerland with Meet Your Death, XETAS, Sweet Talk, Flesh Lights and OBN IIIs.



XETAS - "The Jaws"

XETAS - "The Tower"

Sweet Talk - "Borrow Your Stuff"

Sweet Talk - "Good"

Flesh Lights - "UFO"

Flesh Lights

OBN IIIs - "Trash Heap"

OBN IIIs - "Worries"