June 22, 2012: 29th St. Ballroom & Sahara Lounge

Tom Grrrl, French InSmithers (French Inhales with the Smithers rhythm section filling in), Feral Future and Guantanamo Baywatch at .B.E.T.C.H. Fest @29th St. Ballroom, with a December Boys @Sahara Lounge interlude.

Some PICS...

and a couple of December Boys VIDS...

December Boys - "I Walk Alone"

December Boys - "Single Again"

June 21, 2012: Kingdom of Suicide Lovers

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and Nervous Curtains @Mohawk. Bipolar Gentlemen opened the show but I didn't get any pictures of them.

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDS...

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Warm Leather"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Young and Destroyed"

June 18, 2012: Dikes of Holland, Numerators and more @29th St Ballroom

Badass Monday night show @29th St. Ballroom with Spastic Shakes, Roo, Rayon Beach, Numerators and Dikes of Holland

Here are some PICS...

And VIDS...

Roo - "Rootbeerbarrel"



Jun 16, 2012: Ugly Beats, Bobby Patterson

The Ugly Beats closed out the night @Continental Club with their usual great set, including four new songs. Texas soul/R&B veteran Bobby Patterson played before them and delivered a pretty damn good performance.

Here are some PICS...

and VIDS of 4 new Ugly Beats songs, plus one of Bobby Patterson..

Ugly Beats - "All of the Things"

Ugly Beats - "I Want That Girl"

Ugly Beats - "Up on the Sun"

Ugly Beats - "Brand New Day"

Bobby Patterson - "She Don't Have to See You (to See Through You)"

June 15, 2012: Chumps, Extravaganza, Stuffies, Deadly Companions

Deadly Companions, Stuffies, The Extravaganza and The Chumps @Trailer Space Records!

First, the PICS...

And some VIDS...

Deadly Companions - "Brain Dead"

Stuffies - "Miracle"

The Extravaganza - "Great Ass"

Chumps - "Hate the Fucking Game"

June 11, 2012: Flesh Lights Tour Kickoff

Flesh Lights tour kickoff show @29th St. Ballroom with Sweet Talk, Foreign Mothers, Dead Space and Flesh Lights. Only bummer was I missed half of the Foreign Mothers set and I didn't get any good pics of them. But I did get some video of all 4 bands.

Here are the PICS...

And the VIDS...

Sweet Talk - "Stop in the Line"

Foreign Mothers

Foreign Mothers - "I'm Sorry If I Just Blew Your Mind, But Please Clean Up The Mess"

Flesh Lights - "I Am Romance"

June 8, 2012: End of an Ear Records & Scoot Inn

Suspirians played @End of an Ear Records for the opening of Paul Streckfus and Bill Jeffery's art show; Citymen, Melissa Bryan, French Inhales and Love Collector played @Scoot Inn.



Suspirians playing "ECHO"

French Inhales playing "Stilts"

French Inhales playing "Bored and Lonely"

Love Collector playing "My Baby Goes Waaah!"

May 30, 2012: TheBlindShakestivus (2)

There was more than one holiday last week (at least for me). Here are some photos and video from Day 2 of my personal holiday, TheBlindShakestivus @Trailer Space Records with Spray Paint, Blind Shake, Church Shoes and Teenage News!



Spray Paint playing "Hyper Believable"

Spray Paint playing "Psychic Doug"

Spray Paint playing "Spock Fingers"

The Blind Shake playing "Hurracan"

The Blind Shake playing "Man Leaves House"

The Blind Shake playing "Seriousness" and "O' Rider"

May 29, 2012: TheBlindShakestivus (1)

There was more than one holiday last week (at least for me). Here are some pics and video from Day 1 of my personal holiday, TheBlindShakestivus @Beerland with Spray Paint, Gospel Truth, Blind Shake and Dikes of Holland!



Spray Paint playing "Dripping the Rails"

Gospel Truth

Dikes of Holland playing "Time War"

Dikes of Holland playing "We Gotta Go"