April 18, 2015: onereuniononelivedebut

Scenes from Beerland with Cruddy (reunion) and BLAXXX (live debut).



Cruddy - "Robotic Service"

BLAXXX - "Cut Em Down"

BLAXXX - "Let Me Hold Your Hand"

April 17, 2015: Knife in the Water :: Obnox

Opening scenes from the Museum of Human Achievement with ((sounder)) and Knife in the Water; closing scenes from the North Door with Obnox.



Knife in the Water - "Swallows"

Knife in the Water - "Seat of Pity"

April 11, 2015: Mariconda's retirement show

Scenes from Mike Mariconda's retirement show at Hotel Vegas with James Arthur's Manhunt, Schooley and Mariconda, and Flesh Lights.



James Arthur's Manhunt

Schooley and Mariconda - "She's Gone"

Flesh Lights - "UFO"

April 4, 2015: The Sons of Hercules!

Scenes from the Lost Well with the Wild Frenzies, the Del-Vipers and the mighty Sons of Hercules!



The Sons of Hercules - "IOU Nothing"

The Sons of Hercules - "Scene of the Crime"

The Sons of Hercules - "Grow Up"

March 22, 2015: Sunday

Opening scenes from Beerland with ¿Qué Pasa? and closing scenes from the Grand with The Yolks; all other scenes from Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest 6 (at Side Bar and Empire Control Room and Garage) with Runnin' With Pendejos, Quin Galavis, Telepods, The Damn Times, Meet Your Death, The Ripe, The Crack Pipes, The Golden Boys, The Ugly Beats, Hex Dispensers, John Wesley Coleman, The Gospel Truth, Chicon and Nameless Frames.



¿Qué Pasa? - "Yr So Pretty"

Quin Galavis

The Damn Times - "Will Trade for Handgun"

Meet Your Death - "When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow"

Meet Your Death - "Straight, Hard and Long"

Meet Your Death - "Love and Death"

Meet Your Death - "Obeah Man"

The Ripe - "Neverending"

The Ripe - "A Good Thing Found"

The Crack Pipes - "Jerkin' the Dog"

The Golden Boys - "Run Away"

The Ugly Beats - "I Can't Hide"

The Gospel Truth - "You Don't Want Me"

The Gospel Truth - "No"

March 21, 2015: Saturday

Opening scenes from Mohawk with The Blind Shake; scenes from Red 7 with Ex-Cult and The Pop Group; scenes from Trailer Space with Noise Pool; scenes from Spider House Ballroom with Total Abuse and The Blind Shake; scenes from Hotel Vegas with Buck Biloxi and the Fucks; closing scenes from Trailer Space with Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and James Arthur's Manhunt.



The Blind Shake - "Breakfast of Failures"

The Blind Shake - "Go Lie"


The Pop Group - "She is Beyond Good and Evil"

The Blind Shake - "Parachute"

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks - "Police of Shit"

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks - "You Can't Take Over My Brain"

March 20, 2015: Friday

Opening scenes from the Side Bar with Rat Fist and The Blind Shake; followed by scenes from the Volstead with Yonatan Gat; remaining scenes from Beerland with The Ukiah Drag, The Blood Royale, James Arthur's Manhunt, Spray Paint, Aquarian Blood, The Blind Shake and Giorgio Murderer.



The Blind Shake - "Can't Stand Life"

The Blind Shake - "Young Carnival Waste"

James Arthur's Manhunt

James Arthur's Manhunt

Spray Paint - "Spock Fingers"

The Blind Shake - "Tar Paper"

The Blind Shake - "Breakfast of Failures"

The Blind Shake - "Pollen"

March 19, 2015: Thursday

Opening scenes from the Can't Stop the Bleeding showcase at Beerland with Yes I'm Leaving, XETAS, Uniform, Mac McCaughan, Manateees and Complete; further scenes from this year's first sighting of The Blind Shake; brief scenes from the Beerland patio with Borzoi, penultimate scenes from the Street-Legal Guitars dojo with James Arthur's Manhunt; closing scenes from the Liberty for the Manikin reunion show!



Yes I'm Leaving

Yes I'm Leaving

XETAS - "The Ashes"

Mac McCaughan - "Autumn Got Dark"

Mac McCaughan - "Lost Again"

Mac McCaughan - "Box Batteries"

Mac McCaughan - "Watery Hands"

Mac McCaughan - "Driveway to Driveway"


Complete - "Dreaming"

Manikin - "No Reason"

Manikin - "Perfect Pictures"

Manikin - "Lose Control"

March 18, 2015: (stayed home on) Wednesday

All scenes from Beerland...opening scenes from the Thread Pull Records showcase with Man Hands, Rattlesnake Milk, Empty Markets, Lazy, The Dead Space and Ghetto Ghouls; intermission scenes from the patio with White Mystery; closing scenes from the Super Secret Records/Twistworthy Records showcase with Suspirians, Bum Out, Art Acevedo, John Wesley Coleman, Boss Eye and Nazi Gold.



Man Hands - "PAF"

Man Hands - "Misadventures"

Rattlesnake Milk - "Gimme"

Empty Markets - "Boxed In"

Empty Markets - "The Juvenile"

Lazy - "Don't Die"

The Dead Space

White Mystery - "Power Glove"

White Mystery - "Blood & Venom"

White Mystery - "Birthday" / "Take a Walk"

Suspirians - "Nocturne"

Art Acevedo - "Art in the Community"

Art Acevedo - "Justice Speaks To You All"

Art Acevedo - "The Policeman Said"

Art Acevedo - "Police Kill Dog"

Art Acevedo - "Chief Complaint"

John Wesley Coleman - "Portlandia"

Boss Eye - "You've Gone Too Far"

Boss Eye - "Saucer Boy"

Nazi Gold - "Crave"

Nazi Gold - "Breaker"

March 17, 2015: Tuesday

Opening scenes from Club 1808 Annex with The Kickstand Band, Homeshake, The Sloths, The Parrots and Hinds; middle scenes from Hotel Vegas with Mike Melendi, White Mystery, Psychomagic, Sealion, The Gooch Palms, The Parrots, Empty Markets, Total Abuse, Spray Paint and Institute; closing scenes from Hole in the Wall with A Giant Dog and Grand Champeen.



The Sloths - "Never Enough Girls"

The Sloths - "Makin' Love"

Hinds - "Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)"

Sealion - "Long Year"

The Gooch Palms - "We Get By"

Empty Markets - "Stainless Steel"

Total Abuse

A Giant Dog - "I'll Come Crashing"

A Giant Dog

Grand Champeen - "Wounded Eye"

Grand Champeen and Sabrina Ellis - "Cowboy"

March 16, 2015: Monday

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Slothrust, Delta Riggs, Unlocking the Truth, Pujol, White Bronco, Thee Oh Sees and Bop English; closing scenes from The Grand with The Slizz.



White Bronco - "Aneurysm"

White Bronco - "Soul Stroll"

March 15, 2015: BB/M/TDS/SP

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Bitchin Bajas, Marriage, The Dead Space and Spray Paint.



The Dead Space - "You're Fake"

The Dead Space - "Master Forget"

Spray Paint - "Yawn Factory"

Spray Paint - "Chris' Theme"

March 14, 2015: SD/KOSL/CIA

Opening scenes from Hotel Vegas with Street Dads and Kingdom of Suicide Lovers; closing scenes from Beerland with Coma in Algiers.



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Phoenix Sunrise"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Flaming Arrows"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "The Fence"

Coma in Algiers - "M.A.D. III"