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Austin, TX, United States
I'm a very lucky live music fan. Why? because I live in Austin, TX and because my wife, for the most part, puts up with me going to so many shows. I take pictures at shows, which you'll see here. You can see larger versions of the pictures by clicking on the slideshow on each post. I got a better camera in 2011 and I started to shoot some videos too. You can see those on my posts on this page, or on YouTube. You can see the rest of the live music photos I've taken since 2007 here. You can also check out the Facebook page.

June 17, 2016: CB-M

Scenes from Sidewinder with Crooked Bangs and Manikin.



Manikin - "Face the Wall"

Manikin - "Disconnect"

Manikin - "No Reason"

Manikin - "Perfect Pictures"

June 16, 2016: Mitchstock

Scenes from Mitchstock (One Night of Peace, Love & Mitch) @Hotel Vegas with Nick Allison and the Players' Lounge, Mitch Fraizer and His Radiation and John Wesley Coleman.



Nick Allison and the Players' Lounge - "Ain't There Anymore"

Nick Allison and the Players' Lounge - "Nothin Bout Somethin"

Mitch Fraizer and His Radiation - "Yea Right"

Mitch Fraizer and His Radiation - "High and Naked"

June 11, 2016: Beerland/Sidewinder

Opening scenes from Beerland with the Hex Dispensers; closing scenes from Randall Holt's record release show at Sidewinder with Abigail und Hansel and RH.



Hex Dispensers - "A Brain Inside a Jar"

Nameless Frames - "Tentacles!"

Abigail und Hansel

Abigail und Hansel

Randall Holt

Randall Holt - "What Hope We Have, What Hope We Haven't"

June 10, 2016: Beerland Night Loner Letters

Scenes from Beerland with Night Loner, Nike, Nameless Frames and Lung Letters.



Nameless Frames - "Too Late"

Nameless Frames - "She's an Oddity"

Lung Letters - "Passing Days"

June 3, 2016: Here Comes Giuda!

Scenes from Barracuda with Flesh Lights, Bad Sports and GIUDA!!!!!



Flesh Lights - "Just About Due"

Bad Sports - "Pacify My Love"

Giuda - "Maybe It's All Over Now" / "Get It Over" / "Watch Your Step"

Giuda - "Number 10"

May 28, 2016: Austin Jukebox #3

Scenes from Beerland, for the third installment of quarterly series Austin Jukebox, with Adam Busch, Don Howland, the Sons of Hercules and Generación Suicida.



Adam Busch - "Sister"

Adam Busch - "Tiger"

Don Howland - "Party in Hell"

Don Howland - "Endgame"

Sons of Hercules - "Guttersnipe"

Sons of Hercules - "Too Late"

Generación Suicida - "No hay control"

Generación Suicida - "Mierda ciudad"/"Un día como cualquiera"

May 24, 2016: GTFRFL

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with the Gospel Truth, Fire Retarded and Flesh Lights.



The Gospel Truth

The Gospel Truth - "Heaven is Ugly"

Fire Retarded - "Price of Gasoline"

Fire Retarded - "Yuuu"

Flesh Lights - "Someday"

Flesh Lights - "I Wait"

May 7, 2016: GB-FL-DoH-AGD

Scenes from A Giant Dog's record release show at Barracuda with The Golden Boys, Flesh Lights, Dikes of Holland and AGD.



Golden Boys - "Goddamn I Love the Ocean"

Flesh Lights - "Too Big to Fail"