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Austin, TX, United States
I'm a very lucky live music fan. Why? because I live in Austin, TX and because my wife, for the most part, puts up with me going to so many shows. I take pictures at shows, which you'll see here. You can see larger versions of the pictures by clicking on the slideshow on each post. I got a better camera in 2011 and I started to shoot some videos too. You can see those on my posts on this page, or on YouTube. You can see the rest of the live music photos I've taken since 2007 here. You can also check out the Facebook page.

June 18, 2015: HoleInTheWall

Scenes from Hole in the Wall with The Gospel Truth, US Weekly, Borzoi and Crooked Bangs.



The Gospel Truth - "Heaven is Ugly"

The Gospel Truth - "Set It On Fire"

US Weekly - "Mein Kampf"

June 14, 2015: The Sonics!

Scenes from Red 7 with John Schooley and His One Man Band, the Sons of Hercules and The Sonics!



John Schooley and His One Man Band - "A Thing You Gotta Face"

Sons of Hercules - "Guttersnipe"

The Sonics - "Sugaree"

The Sonics - "Have Love Will Travel"

The Sonics - "Boss Hoss"

The Sonics - "Strychnine"

June 13, 2015: HexDispensersLungLetters

Opening scenes from the Hex Dispensers' instore at End of an Ear; closing scenes from Beerland with Uncle Jesus and Lung Letters.



Hex Dispensers - "HateFace"

Hex Dispensers - "One Less Ghost"

Hex Dispensers - "House of Secrets"

Lung Letters

Lung Letters

June 6, 2015: TrailerSpace[+]Beerland

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records with Empty Markets and the Golden Boys; closing scenes from Beerland with Super Thief, Evil Triplet and improvisational quartet Art Acevedo.

[Note: Quin Galavís and Graham Low played a fantastic opening set at Beerland. I didn't take any photos of their set because they played with the lights off.]



Empty Markets - "Home Invasion"

The Golden Boys - "Rock With Me Forever"

The Golden Boys - "Sundays with Jackie"

The Golden Boys - "Electric Wolfman"

The Golden Boys - "Goddamn I Love the Ocean"

The Golden Boys - "Bongos Bongos Bongos"

The Golden Boys - "Older Than You"

Evil Triplet - "How Does It Feel to Feel"/"Post Group Date Scene"

Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo

June 5, 2015: KOSL/Sheiks/JackO

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, The Sheiks, and Jack Oblivian (with the Sheiks).



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Phoenix Sunrise"

The Sheiks

Jack Oblivian and the Sheiks - "Old Folks Boogie"

May 30, 2015: For Jordan

Scenes from the benefit for Jordan at Beerland with The Stuffies, Sailor Poon, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and The Gospel Truth.



The Stuffies - "Yr Debris"

The Stuffies - "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"

The Stuffies - "Shudder"

The Stuffies - "Miracle"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Maximum Volume Minimum Wage"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "The Well"

The Gospel Truth - "The Hunter"

The Gospel Truth - "Artifact"

May 29, 2015: The Inhalants!!! Stretford!!!

Scenes from CHEPO-RAMA (a benefit for Chepo Peña) at Hole in the Wall with The Inhalants!
I also saw Stretford's unannounced set, but I didn't take photos since they only played 4 songs and I recorded all of those on video.



The Inhalants - "Middle Ages"

The Inhalants - "Kolchak"

The Inhalants - "Shrunken Head"

The Inhalants - "Mad Scramble"

The Inhalants - "Misanthrope"

Stretford - "Digital Clock"

Stretford - "Zerox Love"

Stretford - "Girl I Used to Know"

Stretford - "Mrs. Jones"

May 28, 2015: Meet Your Death [] Ugly Beats

Scenes from the Sahara Lounge with Meet Your Death and The Ugly Beats.



Meet Your Death - "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Meet Your Death - "Elephant Man"

Meet Your Death - "Tracking the Dog"

Meet Your Death - "Obeah Man"

The Ugly Beats - "Summer's Gone"

The Ugly Beats - "Washboard"

The Ugly Beats - "If I Were a Carpenter"

The Ugly Beats - "In Her Orbit"

The Ugly Beats - "Janie"

The Ugly Beats - "Motor"

May 24, 2015: Girls:Cripis:Girls

Opening scenes from Hotel Vegas with Leather Girls; closing scenes from Beerland with Los Cripis and Fungi Girls.



Fungi Girls - "God Cops"

Fungi Girls