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Austin, TX, United States
I'm a very lucky live music fan. Why? because I live in Austin, TX and because my wife, for the most part, puts up with me going to so many shows. I take pictures at shows, which you'll see here. You can see larger versions of the pictures by clicking on the slideshow on each post. I got a better camera in 2011 and I started to shoot some videos too. You can see those on my posts on this page, or on YouTube. You can see the rest of the live music photos I've taken since 2007 here. You can also check out the Facebook page.

September 11, 2014: JWC/KOSL/TGT/GG

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records with John Wesley Coleman; remaining scenes from Beerland with Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, The Gospel Truth and Ghetto Ghouls.



John Wesley Coleman - "Wish the Night Could Be a Little Longer"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Young and Destroyed"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Capsules"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Time-Bomb"

The Gospel Truth - "32"

The Gospel Truth - "No"

Ghetto Ghouls - "Peep Show"

Ghetto Ghouls - "Living Alone"

September 6, 2014: Ichi Ni Xetas

Opening scenes from Holy Mountain with Ichi Ni San Shi; remaining scenes from Beerland with Borzoi, Ghetto Ghouls and Xetas.



Ichi Ni San Shi - "Watch Them Grow"

Borzoi - "Pinnacle"

Ghetto Ghouls - "Simple C"

Ghetto Ghouls - "Mountain"


September 4, 2014: To and fro

Back and forth scenes between Hotel Vegas and The Liberty with Slow, Trustees, Crooked Bangs, Flesh Lights and The Young.



Trustees - "Little Grace"

Crooked Bangs - "Suspendu"

Crooked Bangs - "Head"

Flesh Lights - "You Might Know"

September 1, 2014: ¿Qué Pasa?

Scenes from the Scoot Inn with ¿Qué Pasa?



¿Qué Pasa? - "Sadness Monster"

¿Qué Pasa? - "Yr so prtty"

August 30, 2014: DoHNFS

Opening scenes from Yellow Jacket Social Club with Dikes of Holland; following scenes from Beerland with Nameless Frames; closing scenes from The Lost Well with Suspirians.



Dikes of Holland - "Golden Age"

Dikes of Holland - "Get In Line"

Dikes of Holland - "Television"

Dikes of Holland - "Drifter Hair"

Dikes of Holland - "City Feet"

Dikes of Holland - "Niños Héroes"

Nameless Frames - "Control"

Nameless Frames - "Cross"

Nameless Frames - "I Don't Know"

Suspirians - "Vulture"

August 29, 2014: Houserockers no more

Opening scenes from Taylor's birthday party @Trailer Space with Borzoi; following scenes from Hotel Vegas with The Dead Space; closing scenes from Ding Dong Bang Bang @Sahara Lounge with Schooley and Mariconda.



Borzoi - "Sex" & "Hang 10"

Borzoi - "I Feel Alien"

The Dead Space

The Dead Space - "Both Eyes"

The Dead Space

Schooley and Mariconda - "Speedway"

Schooley and Mariconda - "A Thing You Gotta Face"

Schooley and Mariconda - "Look Out Mabel"

August 23, 2014: Sweet Talk tour kickoff

Scenes from Sweet Talk's tour kickoff at Hotel Vegas with Trustees and Simple Circuit.



Trustees - "Different Land"

Trustees - "Here in the Night"

Trustees - "Going Alone"

Simple Circuit - "Vast Floors"

Simple Circuit - "Beat Waves"

Sweet Talk - "Viewing Party"

Sweet Talk - "Pickup Lines"

August 22, 2014: AA/FC/UB/SoH

Opening Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Art Acevedo; remaining scenes from Beerland with Forever Changes, the Ugly Beats and the Sons of Hercules.



Art Acevedo - "Aasim, First Citizen of Austin, We Salute You"

Art Acevedo - "In The People's Trust"

Art Acevedo - "The Wall Between Us"

Art Acevedo - "Ghost of Police Future"

Forever Changes - "A House is Not a Motel"

Forever Changes - "Alone Again Or"

Forever Changes - "Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale"

Forever Changes - "Seven & Seven Is"

The Ugly Beats - "I Can't Hide"

The Ugly Beats - "Gudbuy T' Jane"

The Sons of Hercules - "Brain Dead"

The Sons of Hercules - "Grow Up"

August 16, 2014: AGD/BL

Scenes from Cheer Up Charlie's with A Giant Dog and The Bad Lovers.



A Giant Dog - "Cleveland Steven"

A Giant Dog - "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

A Giant Dog - "Sex & Drugs"

A Giant Dog - "Pins and Needles"

A Giant Dog - "The Grand"

The Bad Lovers - "The Ticket That Exploded"

August 9, 2014: get dumber with Art Acevedo

Scenes from Beerland with Art Acevedo, ST 37 and Naked Pictures.



Art Acevedo - "Dumber"

Art Acevedo - "Still Not Me, It's You"

Art Acevedo - "What is Your Future Value?"

Art Acevedo - "Dear City of Austin, This is Art"

ST 37 - "Thirst"