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Austin, TX, United States
I'm a very lucky live music fan. Why? because I live in Austin, TX and because my wife, for the most part, puts up with me going to so many shows. I take pictures at shows, which you'll see here. You can see larger versions of the pictures by clicking on the slideshow on each post. I got a better camera in 2011 and I started to shoot some videos too. You can see those on my posts on this page, or on YouTube. You can see the rest of the live music photos I've taken since 2007 here. You can also check out the Facebook page.

November 13, 2015: Yumpin' Yazzie

Scenes from Beerland with Nameless Frames, Commoners, Empty Markets and Snooty Garbagemen.



Nameless Frames - "Cut Out"

Nameless Frames - "Said a Prayer"

Commoners - "Pagan Blood"

Empty Markets - "Home Invasion"

Snooty Garbagemen - "Sad Sack"

November 12, 2015: GhostCatLounge/Beerland

Opening scenes from GhostCat Lounge with Shopping; closing scenes from Beerland with improvisational quartet Art Acevedo, ST 37 and Evil Triplet.



Shopping - "In Other Words"

Shopping - "Say It Once"

Shopping - "For Your Money"

Art Acevedo - "Address to the City of Austin"

Art Acevedo - "Art Had a Bad Dream"

ST 37 - "All the Same"

ST 37 - "A Huge Rare Cheese"

Evil Triplet - "We Are The Aliens"

November 1, 2015: Karloug Kapowczura Fest

Scenes from Doug and Karla's wedding party at the Scoot Inn with James Arthur's Manhunt, the Golden Boys and the Ugly Beats.



James Arthur's Manhunt

James Arthur's Manhunt

James Arthur's Manhunt

The Golden Boys - "Never Wanna See You Again"

The Golden Boys - "Sidewalk"

The Golden Boys - "Run Away"

The Ugly Beats - "Janie"

The Ugly Beats - "Heidi"

The Ugly Beats - "Harm's Way"

October 29, 2015: Cheer Up Charlie's

Scenes from Cheer Up Charlie's with Quin Galavis, Shawn David McMillen Band and Elisa Ambrogio.



Quin Galavis

Shawn David McMillen Band - "A Raven"

Shawn David McMillen Band - "Two Brothers"

Shawn David McMillen Band

Shawn David McMillen Band - "Walking Around"

Elisa Ambrogio - "Mary Perfectly"

Elisa Ambrogio - "Stopped Clocks"

October 28, 2015: ST37-LungLetters

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records with ST 37; closing scenes from Hotel Vegas with Lung Letters.



ST 37 - "Stack Collision with Heap"

ST 38 - "Hollywood Cemetery"

Lung Letters

Lung Letters

October 25, 2015: Knest record release show

Scenes from Knest's record release show with Ralph White and Thor Harris, Horne and Holt and Knest.



Ralph White and Thor Harris

Ralph White and Thor Harris

Horne and Holt


October 23, 2015: Austin Jukebox 1

Scenes from Beerland with Quttinirpaaq, Marriage, Gavin Russom and Hidden Ritual performing at the inaugural installment of quarterly series Austin Jukebox.




Gavin Russom

Hidden Ritual - "Cockroaches"

Hidden Ritual - "Barbarians"

October 18, 2015: DeafWishQuéPasa

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records with Deaf Wish; closing scenes from Hotel Vegas with ¿Qué Pasa?



Deaf Wish - "Take What You Want"

Deaf Wish - "Nerve Damage"

Deaf Wish - "Pain"

Deaf Wish - "Calypso"

Deaf Wish - "Eyes Closed"

¿Qué Pasa? - "Infeliz"

¿Qué Pasa? - "Puro Party"

October 17, 2015: Sidewinder/Carousel

Opening scenes from Sidewinder with Air Traffic Controllers, Coma in Algiers and Deaf Wish; closing scenes from Carousel Lounge with the Sons of Hercules.



Air Traffic Controllers - "If Mantas Ain't Starting, We're Not Departing"

Coma in Algiers - "Freeland"

Deaf Wish - "Make It Hurt"

Deaf Wish - "Gentle Mental Illness"

Deaf Wish - "Pain"

Sons of Hercules - "Long Way Down"

Sons of Hercules - "Surfin' in the Bars"

October 16, 2015: CleveLandBeerLand

Scenes from Beerland with Meet Your Death, James Arthur's Manhunt, BLAXXX and Cheater Slicks.



Meet Your Death - "When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow"

Meet Your Death - "Tracking the Dog"

Meet Your Death - "Straight, Hard and Log"

James Arthur's Manhunt

BLAXXX - "Let Me Hold Your Hand"

Cheater Slicks