November 20, 2011: The Gospel Truth and Manikin

The Gospel Truth and Manikin met up at the monthly garage sale @Red 7 to eat Micklethwait's meat (not pictured). They also played some music.

Here are some PICS...

And here is some VID of The Gospel Truth playing "Beasts"

And... Manikin playing "Lose Control"

November 19, 2011: Flash Boys CD release show

CD release show for the Flash Boys' "Dyin' for Somethin to Live for" with We Know Where You Live, Gentlemen's Social Club and of course, Flash Boys. The cd is great! So buy it already.

Here are some PICS...

And here's some video of We Know Where You Live playing "Bills"...

November 17, 2011: Creamers Record Release show

Record release show at Beerland for the Creamers 7" single with (in order of appearance): Crooked Bangs, Creamers, Culture Kids and OBN IIIs. It was my first time seeing Crooked Bangs (scroll down to see video)and I thought they were great! OBN IIIs (scroll down for video) and Creamers kicked ass as usual and the touring band Culture Kids (San Francisco) rocked it!

Here are some PICS from the evening...

And here's some VIDS...

Crooked Bangs - "20th Century Mind"

Crooked Bangs - "Shrill"

OBN IIIs - "Do My Thing"

OBN IIIs - "New Innocence"

November 11, 2011: Art by Bill/Marisa/Alfie; Music by Manikin/Chumps

Bill Jeffery, Marisa Pool and Alfie Rabago put on a group art show @Rio Rita. Go check it out!

Later that night, The Chumps and Manikin (a band called Free Beer opened the show, but I didn't take any pictures of them) put on a group rock show @29th St. Ballroom.

Here are some PICS from that fine evening...

Here is some video of The Chumps, with assistance from Bill Jeffery on trumpet, playing a rather loose version of "Pharmacy". Frankie says it's Bill's fault. of Manikin playing "Hole" from their most recent Super Secret Records 7" single.

Here's Manikin debuting their brand new song "Goodbye Oblivia" (with BJ on vocals).

Last video of the evening: Manikin playing "Fumes".

November 10, 2011: ELVIS Record Release Show

Record release show for ELVIS's "Crime of the Scene" with A Giant Dog @29th St. Ballroom. It was a great one!

Here are some PICS...

I took some VIDS and of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone. The results are a bit more on the impressionistic side than usual (i.e. you really have to squint to make out the band). Not sure I like these. I may make different versions. We'll see. In the meantime...

A Giant Dog - "QYJARA"

ELVIS - "I Don't Care"

November 5, 2011: Lola-Cola and Dikes of Holland

Lola-Cola played a benefit for KOOP Radio @Nasty's; Dikes of Holland had a tour kick-off show @29th St. Ballroom.

Here are some PICS...

And, VIDS...

Lola-Cola - "Oh You Beautiful Child" (Spiv cover)

Lola-Cola - "Tough Love"

Dikes of Holland

November 4, 2011: Planets, Agent Ribbons, Kay Leotard

Planets, Agent Ribbons, Kay Leotard and Follow That Bird @Frontier Bar. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Follow That Bird. The bands all played excellent sets and it was my first time seeing Agent Ribbons and Kay Leotard.

Here are some pics from the show...

Here's a vid of Planets playing "Get It Done":

And here's a vid of Kay Leotard. I don't know the song title yet.