March 7, 2015: XETASWES

Opening scenes from a house show with XETAS; closing scenes from Hotel Vegas with John Wesley Coleman.



John Wesley Coleman - "Sleepyhead"

March 5, 2015: KuroNeko/TheSlizz/ArtAcevedo

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records with KuroNeko and The Slizz; closing scenes from Spiderhouse Ballroom with Art Acevedo.



"KuroNeko says think it over"

"KuroNeko smelled it and dealt it"

The Slizz - "Easy Fight"

The Slizz - "The Rarest Breed"

Art Acevedo - "Serve The People"

Art Acevedo - "Big Chief Talking"

February 27, 2015: fare thee well Church Shoes|||greetings new Zoltars' record

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records for the final show by the Church Shoes boys, with Street Arabs and The Golden Boys; closing scenes from Hotel Vegas for the The Zoltars record release show with Beth Israel and Ghetto Ghouls.



The Golden Boys - "Run Away"

The Golden Boys - "Sidewalk"

The Golden Boys - "Dirty Fingernails"

Church Shoes - "OK"

Church Shoes - "The James K Polk Motel"

Ghetto Ghouls - "35 eyes"

Ghetto Ghouls - "Planky"

The Zoltars - "16-17-18 Living"

The Zoltars - "Sincere"

The Zoltars - "Out of my Head"

February 26, 2015: TDS||CB

Scenes from Beerland with The Dead Space and Crooked Bangs.



The Dead Space - "You're Fake"

The Dead Space - "Master Forget"

February 25, 2015: XETAS record release show

Scenes from the XETAS record release show @Hotel Vegas with New China, Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes and Spray Paint.



Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes - "Turning Gears"

XETAS - "The Point"

XETAS - "The Sentence"

XETAS - "The Butcher"

February 24, 2015: XETAS@EOAE

Scenes from XETAS' in-store performance at End of an Ear for the release of their debut album "The Redeemer" on 12XU.



XETAS - "The Redeemer"

XETAS - "The Ashes"

XETAS - "The King"

XETAS - "The Line"

XETAS - "The Deep"