December 22, 2012: Bobby Jealousy

Scenes from Bobby Jealousy @Old No. 2 in Laredo. It was nice to hear some Austin music while I was down there visiting my family.



Bobby Jealousy - "Flamethrower"

December 20, 2012: Suspirians, French Inhales, Shinta

Scenes from the French Inhales (returning after a few months' hiatus) along with Suspirians and Shinta at Beerland.



French Inhales - "Everything Pure"

French Inhales - "Stilts"

Suspirians - "In My Time"

Suspirians - "Cicada"

December 15, 2012: Ugly Beats @Carousel Lounge!

Scenes from the Ugly Beats show at the best place to see them live - the Carousel Lounge!



Ugly Beats - "I'll Make You Happy"

Ugly Beats - "Gone for Good"

December 8, 2012: Birthday House Party

Scenes from a party @Eric Unusual's house celebrating lotsa people's birthdays with Chicon, We Know Where You Live, Spastic Shakes and Bad Lovers.



Spastic Shakes - "Rockin Pneumonia"

December 7, 2012: Crooked Bangs, Spray Paint, The Young

Scenes from Crooked Bangs, Spray Paint and The Young @Holy Mountain.



Spray Paint - "Spock Fingers"

Spray Paint - "Hyper Believable"

Crooked Bangs - "Halfway/Lucifer, Mon Amour"

Crooked Bangs - "Wake Up/Livin' in Sin"

Crooked Bangs - "Brains"

Crooked Bangs - "Shrill/Le Pacte du Loup"

December 6, 2012: KOSL @Thirst Fursdays

Scenes from Kingdom of Suicide Lovers playing the Thirst Fursdays monthly event @Chain Drive.

Here are a few photos...

...and a video of KOSL playing "Young & Destroyed".

December 1, 2012: KOSL, Damn Times, Dead Space, Foreign Mothers

Early: Kingdom of Suicide Lovers @Schaefer Guitars Xmas party. No pics, just video.

Late: Damn Times @Red 7; Dead Space and Foreign Mothers @Hotel Vegas.



KOSL - "System vs. Factory"

KOSL - "Unexpected Journey"

KOSL - "Hollow Tree"

The Damn Times - "Will Trade for Handgun"

The Damn Times - "Don't Like People"

The Damn Times - "Five to Five"

November 30, 2012: Vomettes, Jonly Bonly, Love Collector

Scenes from the Vomettes, Jonly Bonly and Love Collector @Beerland.



Vomettes - "No love for NOLA"

Jonly Bonly - "Better"

Jonly Bonly - "You Want IT"

November 29, 2012: Feral Future, ELVIS, Bobby Jealousy

Scenes from Feral Future, ELVIS and Bobby Jealousy @Frontier Bar.



ELVIS - "Animal Gagnetism"

ELVIS - "What"

Bobby Jealousy - "There's Nothing You Can Do About It"

November 24, 2012: %$@#^& fog machine, or Chicón Spoils the Really Rottens?

Scenes from the Spoils, Chicón and the Really Rottens @Bernadette's.



Really Rottens - "Bullet Drama"

Really Rottens

November 23, 2012: Stuffies Vacation DEBT

Stuffies, Vacation and DEBT @Beerland. Neon Piss also played but I didn't get any photos of them.


Stuffies - "Shudder"

November 16, 2012: Bernadeerlanegas

We Know Where You Live, Foreign Mothers, Dead Space @Bernadette's; Coma in Algiers @Beerland; The Ripe @Hotel Vegas.



Coma in Algiers - "Sky"

The Ripe - "Dr. Strange"

The Ripe - "Headless Heart"

November 15, 2012: it's Beerland o'clock

Scenes from Red 7 (with SsserpentssS) and Beerland (with Air Traffic Controllers, James Arthur's Manhunt, Ghetto Ghouls and Church Shoes).




James Arthur's Manhunt

Ghetto Ghouls - "DDR"

Church Shoes - "High and Naked"

November, 8, 2012: Crooked Bangs, OBN IIIs, Flesh Lights

For a non-change of pace, I went to Beerland on a Thursday night and, surprise surprise, saw some great bands!



Crooked Bangs - "L'Heure du loup"

OBN IIIs - "No Way to Rock 'n' Roll"

Flesh Lights

November 4, 2012: An intimate Sunday evening with...

Dikes of Holland and Sad Horse. Last minute Sunday night house party in East Austin to make up for Sad Horse's canceled San Antonio gig. Holy Wave also played, but I didn't get any photos of them.



Dikes of Holland - "We Gotta Go"

October 26, 2012: OBN IIIs

Scenes from the OBN IIIs record release show @Beerland, which I believe was also their first local show since their tour kickoff in May! In true Austin fashion, the records didn't arrive, but no matter (got the record a week later at Trailer Space)! Dikes of Holland kicked ass, Sweet Talk was great and then everybody lost their damn minds during the OBN IIIs set!



OBN IIIs - "Runnin on Fumes"

Sweet Talk - "Same Place"

Dikes of Holland - "Streetwalker"

Dikes of Holland - "Future Eyes"

October 20, 2012: Manikin, Dead Space, Creationists, Suspirians

Scenes from a great bill @Beerland with Manikin, Dead Space, Creationists and Suspirians.



Suspirians - "Illuminator"

Suspirians - "What You Do"

Creationists - "Negative Liberty"

Creationists - "Mucho Macho"

Manikin - "Oblivia"

October 19, 2012: Foreign Mothers, Hidden Ritual, Jungle Bodies

Scenes from Foreign Mothers, Hidden Ritual and Jungle Bodies @Beerland. Daniel Francis Doyle also did a killer solo set, but I didn't get any pictures of that.

Here are some PICS...

...and some VIDEO.

Foreign Mothers - "Love Song for Bill Paxton"

Foreign Mothers - "I'm Sorry If I just Blew Your Mind, But Please Clean Up the Mess"

Hidden Ritual playing an as-yet-untitled number.

October 13, 2012: Quin Galavis, A Giant Dog, Lola-Cola, Bad Lovers

Quin Galavis and A Giant Dog @Tillery Park for the Rubberneck zine release party; Lola-Cola and Bad Lovers @Cheer Up Charlie's.



Quin Galavis - "Dirt"

October 12, 2012: FeralFuture, SpasticShakes, Saucerians, BobbyJealousy +

Feral Future @Frontier Bar; everybody else (Spastic Shakes, Saucerians, Bobby Jealousy, Ghetto Ghouls) @29th St. Ballroom/Spiderhouse.



Spastic Shakes - "Behind Closed Doors

Saucerians - "Hey!"

October 5, 2012: Crooked Bangs, A Giant Dog, plus some out-of-towners

Scenes from another great party @Beerland with Crooked Bangs, A Giant Dog, White Mystery and Turbo Fruits.



Crooked Bangs - "Brains"

A Giant Dog - "Cleveland Steven" (new song!)

September 29, 2012: Sons of Hercules and Go-Wows

Scenes from the Sons of Hercules and Go-Wows @Legendary White Swan!

First, the PICS:

And one VIDEO of the Sons:

Sons of Hercules - "Different Kind of Ugly"

September 28, 2012: T. Tex Edwards & Purple Stickpin

Scenes from T. Tex Edwards & Purple Stickpin @Legendary White Swan.

Here are the PICS...

..and some VIDEO.

T. Tex Edwards & Purple Stickpin - "I Don't Believe in Anything"

T. Tex Edwards & Purple Stickpin - "Teenage Head"

September 27, 2012: Micklethwait Craft Meats party @Trailer Space

Micklethwait Craft Meats party @Trailer Space with Manikin, Hex Dispensers and Dead Space!

Here are some PICS...

...and some VIDEO.

Manikin - "Fumes"

Hex Dispensers - "Personality X-Ray"

Hex Dispensers - "Are You an Assassin?"

September 25, 2012: Dikes of Holland Record Release @Trailer Space!

Dikes of Holland record release show @Trailer Space. Other bands played too, but I got there pretty late. Also, I didn't get any video 'cause I was too busy trying to breathe.

Anyhoo, here are some PICS from the Dikes set...

September 21, 2012: Foreign Mothers and Dez Vibes

Scenes from Foreign Mothers and Dez Vibes @Beerland. A shitload of other bands played, but I missed the first two and I didn't get any pics of the two middle bands. I dug doze Dez Vibes. And as usual, Foreign Mothers were really fuckin good. here are the PICS...

September 15, 2012: da Chumps and Mojo Queen

Scenes from Mojo Queen and da Chumps @Legendary White Swan.



Chumps - "Daddy's Home"

Mojo Queen - "Rock Steady"

September 14, 2012: Soulphonics, Amplified Heat

I was gonna stay home that night but I'm glad that instead of that, I ended up seeing the Soulphonics @Gypsy Lounge and Amplified Heat @Frontier Bar.

I only took a few PICS that night...

...and one video of the Soulphonics "Going All the Way"

September 11, 2012: Foreign Mothers, The Shivas and Crooked Bangs

Scenes from Foreign Mothers, The Shivas and Crooked Bangs @Beerland!



Crooked Bangs - "Evil Eye/Le Mauvais Œil"

Crooked Bangs - "Halfway/Lucifer, Mon Amour"

September 9, 2012: Brandon's birthday party @Trailer Space

Scenes from Brandon's birthday party @Trailer Space with Golden Boys, Church Shoes, Coma in Algiers, Marriage and Kingdom of Suicide Lovers.



Golden Boys - "Didn't I Tell You Babe"
(sorry about the cheesy funhouse effect, but I thought it looked funny).

Church Shoes - "Kill Your Dog"

Coma in Algiers - "Breeders and Their Spawn"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Back to the City"

Another video of the Golden Boys...

Click here for another Coma in Algiers video (Warning: the song is sweet as punch but the video might give you a headache, and the song may not be quite that sweet).

September 8, 2012: Ugly Beats @Beerland

Scenes from the Ugly Beats @Beerland, along with The Mullens and Sixty Minute Man.

Here are some PICS...

..and VIDEO of the Ugly Beats covering "Three Chord City" by The Cold.

September 7, 2012: Chumps, Air Traffic Controllers, Koko Beware, Simple Circuit

Went over to Emo's East for the first time to see the Chumps! Then it was over to Beerland for Air Traffic Controllers, Koko Beware and Simple Circuit. Another damn good night.

Here are the PICS...

And some VIDEO...

Chumps - "Pharmacy"

Air Traffic Controllers

Koko Beware

Simple Circuit - "Loose Tooth"

September 1, 2012: Sons of Hercules, Gory Details, Party Lines...

Scenes from the Sons of Hercules!!!, Gory Details, Party Lines, Mikey & the Drags @29th St. Ballroom.

Here are some PICS...

and some VIDEO...

Party Lines - "60 Units, Dark"

Gory Details

Gory Details - "The Pyramid is Not a Tomb"

Gory Details - "Dr. Sex Dungeon"

Sons of Hercules - "What About Me"

August 31, 2012: Citymen @Bernadette's

Citymen @Bernadette's.

Here are a few PICS...

and some VIDEO...

Citymen - "Queens"

Citymen - "Carry Me"

August 25, 2012: KOSL "Distant Waves" CD Release Show

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers' CD release show @Beerland with Suspirians and Manikin.

Here are some PICS...

...and some VIDEO...

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "This Isn't Easy to Say"

Manikin - "Love and Torture"

Suspirians -

August 10, 2012: Lola-Cola "Tough Love" Release Party

Record Release show for Lola-Cola's debut single "Tough Love" b/w ""You Gotta Mouth on You". Beerland was the venue and Lola-Cola's musical guests were Church Shoes, John Wesley Coleman and Gospel Truth.

First, some PICS...

...and, here is some VIDEO from the show.

Lola-Cola - "Tough Love"

Gospel Truth - "12ax7"

Gospel Truth

August 7, 2012: Crooked Bangs/Feral Future Tour Kickoff

Crooked Bangs/Feral Future tour kickoff show @29th St. Ballroom with help from Crisis Hotlines, Dikk Sexxx and the Weepy Teens, Gory Details.


...and some VIDEO of...

Crooked Bangs

Crooked Bangs - "Brains"

August 4, 2012: Dikes of Holland Tour Kickoff +

Dikes of Holland Tour kickoff @29th St. Ballroom with Sexploits, Hidden Ritual, Lola-Cola and Holy Wave. Immediately before that show, I caught Followed By Static @Carousel Lounge.

Here's the PICS from the show(s)...

...and some VIDEO...

Dikes of Holland - "We Gotta Go"

Lola-Cola - "Biff! Bam! Pow! (Lola-Cola theme)"

Hidden Ritual

Followed By Static - "Lord Baltimore's Revenge"

August 2, 2012: Golden Boys, Jaill, Coathangers

Thursday night @Red 7 with Golden Boys, Jaill and The Coathangers. Crooked Bangs opened, but I got there too late to see 'em. for some PICS...

and one VIDEO...

Jaill - "Ten Teardrops"

July 28, 2012: Three @Frontier and One @Red 7

Rhett and Dean, Unknown Relatives and ELVIS @Frontier Bar; Spray Paint @Red 7!

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDEO (I may upload some more later)...

Rhett and Dean

Rhett and Dean

July 27, 2012: Rubberneck's 1st Anniversary Party

Bill Jeffery hosted Rubberneck's 1st Anniversary Party @29th St. Ballroom with Sexploits, Bad Lovers and Love Collector.

As usual, here are some PICS... well as some VIDEO.

Bad Lovers - "Sump'n Else"

Love Collector - "You Drain My Batteries"

July 19, 2012: Coma in Algiers, Bloody Knives, Serious Tracers, Air Traffic Controllers

Air Traffic Controllers (with Rhett filling in on drums), the return of Serious Tracers, Bloody Knives, Coma in Algiers added up to another night of fun @Beerland.

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDEO...

Serious Tracers - "TV Zombie"

Serious Tracers - "Wash This Town Up"

Coma in Algiers - "No Human Contact"

Coma in Algiers - "Sooner Than Later"

July 16, 2012: Foreign Mothers Record Release/Tour Kickoff

Foreign Mothers record release show @29th St. Ballroom. It was also the kickoff for their tour with Dead Space. Gospel Truth and Flesh Lights also played!

Now, here are some PICS...

...and some VIDEO...

Foreign Mothers - "Love Song for Bill Paxton"

Foreign Mothers - "Possessive/Plural"

July 14, 2012: Chumps & Suspirians

Candi's Birthday party @Legendary White Swan with Suspirians and the Chumps! And yeah, I probably should have taken a picture of the birthday girl, but she was there, really! are some PICS...

...and some VIDEO...

Suspirians - "Surf Song"

The Chumps with Bill Jeffery - "Pharmacy"

July 13, 2012: Ugly Beats @Legendary White Swan

Ugly Beats, Go Wows, Soulphonics @Legendary White Swan

...some PICS...

...and some VIDEO...

Soulphonics - "Time has Changed"

Ugly Beats - "Motor"

Ugly Beats - "Up On the Sun"

July 12, 2012: SsserpentssS, John Wesley Coleman, Flesh Lights

SsserpentssS @Beerland; John Wesley Coleman and Flesh Lights @Red 7.


...and some VIDS...

John Wesley Coleman - "Bad Lady Goes to Jail"

Flesh Lights - "Too Big to Fail"

July 8, 2012: Bad Lovers record release show

Record release show for the Bad Lovers' album "Actin Strange" (out on Burger City Rock n Roll), with Sexploits, Stiff Nites, Bad Vibes, Teenage News.


...and a VID of Teenage News playing "I Talk Big Talk"

July 7, 2012: Followed By Static, Crooked Bangs, Golden Boys

Saturday night @Beerland with Followed By Static, Crooked Bangs and Golden Boys!



Followed By Static - "Black Kite"

Followed By Static - "Chub"

Followed By Static - "Rockaway"

Crooked Bangs - ""Wake Up / Livin' in Sin"

Crooked Bangs - "Be Young"

Crooked Bangs - "C'est Inutile"

Golden Boys - "Sidewalk"

July 3, 2012: Rhett and Dean @Beerland

2 of 4 bands dropped off the bill @Beerland, and I missed the Gory Details. Fortunately, I did catch Rhett and Dean, conveniently performing as Rhett and Dean, again after 4 long days without seeing them.

Here are some PICS...

and here's a VID of Rhett and Dean playing "Piece of Trash"

June 30, 2012: Kashmere Stage Band!

Wow, what a way to end my birthday month!!! Hard Proof opened the show @Antone's for the headliner, the legendary Kashmere Stage Band!

Here are some pics...

..and a video excerpt from Kashmere Stage Band's performance!

June 29, 2012: Club DeVille & 29th St. Ballroom

Grand Champeen and The Ripe @Club DeVille; Sons of Hercules @29th St. Ballroom!

Here are some PICS...

And a couple of VIDS...

The Ripe - "Orchestra"

Sons of Hercules - "Once I Was"

Sons of Hercules - "Lost in Space"

Sons of Hercules - "Carving Knife"

June 28, 2012: Gremlins UK, Rhett & Dean, Vomettes, Air Traffic Controllers

Fun show @Beerland with Gremlins UK, Rhett & Dean, Vomettes and Air Traffic Controllers.

Here are some PICS...

and some VIDS...

Gremlins UK - "Weekend 'Billies"

Rhett and Dean - "Tears of the Cherokee"

Air Traffic Controllers

June 23, 2012: Trailer Space & Beerland

Another Saturday night, alright! With Crooked Bangs, Stuffies (with Yazzie filling in on bass) @Trailer Space Records; Creationists, Manikin, Dikes of Holland @Beerland.

Here are some PICS...

and some VID...

Crooked Bangs - "Halfway"

Crooked Bangs - "20th Century Mind" & "Shrill"

Manikin - "Red Song"

Manikin - "Fumes"

June 22, 2012: 29th St. Ballroom & Sahara Lounge

Tom Grrrl, French InSmithers (French Inhales with the Smithers rhythm section filling in), Feral Future and Guantanamo Baywatch at .B.E.T.C.H. Fest @29th St. Ballroom, with a December Boys @Sahara Lounge interlude.

Some PICS...

and a couple of December Boys VIDS...

December Boys - "I Walk Alone"

December Boys - "Single Again"

June 21, 2012: Kingdom of Suicide Lovers

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and Nervous Curtains @Mohawk. Bipolar Gentlemen opened the show but I didn't get any pictures of them.

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDS...

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Warm Leather"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Young and Destroyed"

June 18, 2012: Dikes of Holland, Numerators and more @29th St Ballroom

Badass Monday night show @29th St. Ballroom with Spastic Shakes, Roo, Rayon Beach, Numerators and Dikes of Holland

Here are some PICS...

And VIDS...

Roo - "Rootbeerbarrel"



Jun 16, 2012: Ugly Beats, Bobby Patterson

The Ugly Beats closed out the night @Continental Club with their usual great set, including four new songs. Texas soul/R&B veteran Bobby Patterson played before them and delivered a pretty damn good performance.

Here are some PICS...

and VIDS of 4 new Ugly Beats songs, plus one of Bobby Patterson..

Ugly Beats - "All of the Things"

Ugly Beats - "I Want That Girl"

Ugly Beats - "Up on the Sun"

Ugly Beats - "Brand New Day"

Bobby Patterson - "She Don't Have to See You (to See Through You)"

June 15, 2012: Chumps, Extravaganza, Stuffies, Deadly Companions

Deadly Companions, Stuffies, The Extravaganza and The Chumps @Trailer Space Records!

First, the PICS...

And some VIDS...

Deadly Companions - "Brain Dead"

Stuffies - "Miracle"

The Extravaganza - "Great Ass"

Chumps - "Hate the Fucking Game"

June 11, 2012: Flesh Lights Tour Kickoff

Flesh Lights tour kickoff show @29th St. Ballroom with Sweet Talk, Foreign Mothers, Dead Space and Flesh Lights. Only bummer was I missed half of the Foreign Mothers set and I didn't get any good pics of them. But I did get some video of all 4 bands.

Here are the PICS...

And the VIDS...

Sweet Talk - "Stop in the Line"

Foreign Mothers

Foreign Mothers - "I'm Sorry If I Just Blew Your Mind, But Please Clean Up The Mess"

Flesh Lights - "I Am Romance"

June 8, 2012: End of an Ear Records & Scoot Inn

Suspirians played @End of an Ear Records for the opening of Paul Streckfus and Bill Jeffery's art show; Citymen, Melissa Bryan, French Inhales and Love Collector played @Scoot Inn.



Suspirians playing "ECHO"

French Inhales playing "Stilts"

French Inhales playing "Bored and Lonely"

Love Collector playing "My Baby Goes Waaah!"

May 30, 2012: TheBlindShakestivus (2)

There was more than one holiday last week (at least for me). Here are some photos and video from Day 2 of my personal holiday, TheBlindShakestivus @Trailer Space Records with Spray Paint, Blind Shake, Church Shoes and Teenage News!



Spray Paint playing "Hyper Believable"

Spray Paint playing "Psychic Doug"

Spray Paint playing "Spock Fingers"

The Blind Shake playing "Hurracan"

The Blind Shake playing "Man Leaves House"

The Blind Shake playing "Seriousness" and "O' Rider"

May 29, 2012: TheBlindShakestivus (1)

There was more than one holiday last week (at least for me). Here are some pics and video from Day 1 of my personal holiday, TheBlindShakestivus @Beerland with Spray Paint, Gospel Truth, Blind Shake and Dikes of Holland!



Spray Paint playing "Dripping the Rails"

Gospel Truth

Dikes of Holland playing "Time War"

Dikes of Holland playing "We Gotta Go"

May 26, 2012: The Upper Crust, Lola-Cola...

To me, this show @Red 7 was like a sandwich made up of some fine-ass gourmet bread (Lola-Cola and The Upper Crust) and filled with some ham that was starting to turn bad (Neon Cobra) and some stinky, moldy cheese (Yuppie Pricks). The previous sentence is a good example of why I should keep my descriptions brief.

Anyhoo, here are some PICS (the cheese didn't photograph well so I didn't include it)...

And a VID of Lola-Cola covering "You Think You're the Best" (by The Nuns)...

Thank you, drive thru!

May 24, 2012: Manikin, Rhett & Dean, Dead Space, Smithers

Manikin, Rhett & Dean, Dead Space and Smithers @Trailer Space!



Smithers - "Can't Go Back"

Smithers - "Execution"

Rhett and Dean...

Rhett and Dean...

Manikin - "Fumes"

Manikin - "Red Song"

May 19, 2012: Sons of Hercules (late), Deadly Companions (early)

Deadly Companions, playing for the first time in a few years, opened the show @Legendary White Swan. I think the break did them good. The Sons of Hercules closed the show @some shit place on 6th & Trinity. Thankfully, they were as badass as always, despite the environs.



Sons of Hercules - "IOU Nothing"

Sons of Hercules - "Guttersnipe"

Sons of Hercules - "Surfin' in the Bars"

May 18, 2012: OBN IIIs, Holy Wave, Dikes of Holland...

Tour kickoff show @Beerland for the OBN IIIs and Holy Wave (on separate tours) with the aforementioned bands, plus Dikes of Holland and Low Times.

Some PICS...

And some VIDS...

Dikes of Holland - "Last Sentence"

Dikes of Holland - "Streetwalker"

Holy Wave

May 17, 2012: Sahara Lounge & Beerland

Early show @Sahara Lounge with Simple Circuit & Followed By Static; Late show @Beerland with Stuffies & Lola-Cola.

Some PICS...

and lots of VIDS...

Simple Circuit playing a new song (working title "bumumum", real title coming soonish?)

Simple Circuit playing "Slide Whine"

Followed By Static playing, well let's just call it, "Bastard, Walk on Plates" 'cause that's kinda what the first line sounds like to me.

Followed By Static playing "Bacon Bear" with assistance from Mr. Bill Jeffery

Stuffies playing "Feet, Don't Fail Me Now"

Lola-Cola playing "I Run Wild"

Lola-Cola playing "You Got a Mouth on You"

May 12, 2012: Really Rottens and Chumps!

The Really Rottens and The Chumps at Cody's birthday party!



Really Rottens - "Aquaman"

Really Rottens

Chumps - "What You Need"

Chumps - "Fuck You, I'm Rich"

May 11, 2012: Love Collector record release show

Love Collector's Human Bodies EP (on CQ Records) release show @Trailer Space Records with Gangster Rainbow, Neighbor, Gospel Truth and of course, Love Collector.

Here's some PICS...

and some VIDS...

Neighbor - "Have Mercy"

Gospel Truth - "Figure Four"

Love Collector - "You Drain My Batteries"

May 9, 2012: Gory Details, Bad Lovers, Act Rights

Great Wednesday night bill @Beerland with the Gory Details, Bad Lovers, Act Rights.



Gory Details - "Ghost Dad"

Gory Details - "Coming Unstuck"

Bad Lovers - "Back Away From Me"

Act Rights

May 5, 2012: Bad Sports, Hex Dispensers, Stiff Nites, Rhett and Dean

Release party @Beerland for the latest issue of Rubberneck zine with Bad Sports, Hex Dispensers, Stiff Nites and Rhett & Dean.


And some VIDS...

Rhett & Dean - "Never Leaving the Ghetto"

Hex Dispensers - "Forest Ray Colson"

Bad Sports - "Teenage Girls" + another song I don't know the title of, but I feel like I should and which may or may not be a cover, but it kicks ass...

May 4, 2012: Woozyhelmet, French Inhales, Stuffies, Foreign Mothers

Another great show @Trailer Space Records with Woozyhelmet, French Inhales, Stuffies and Foreign Mothers.

First, some PICS...

And a bunch of VIDS...

Woozyhelmet - "Pig"

Woozyhelmet - "Hugle Snake" (working title)

Woozyhelmet - "Now We Don't"

French Inhales - "Stilts"

Stuffies - "All Downhill"

Foreign Mothers - "Plan B (dead inside)"

Foreign Mothers - "Magick Child, Magick Child, Why Am I High?"

May 3, 2012: 23 Minutes Over Brussels

23 Minutes Over Brussels, Mark Tonucci and Jaime Zuverza's Suicide tribute band @Cheer Up Charlie's.

Here are some PICS...

And here is some VIDEO of them playing "Ghost Rider"...

May 2, 2012: Gangster Rainbow, Space Camp, Del Vipers

Eclectic bill with Gangster Rainbow, Space Camp, Del Vipers @29th St. Ballroom!

Here are some PICS...

And video of Gangster Rainbow playing "Blow Your Heart Out"...

March 18, 2012: Day 6, Sunday

South by Sunday is always the best!
I spent most of the day at Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest @Side Bar and stepped over to Beerland for a few bands.
Here's the breakdown:
Carletta Sue Kay @Beerland;
Freshkills, Golden Boys, Purple Stickpin, Air Traffic Controllers, Hot Cha Cha, Kay Leotard, Zoltars, Melissa Bryan, Doug Gillard, Drunken Prayer, Jon Langford and Chums, Aaron Blount, The Ripe, Forever Changes, Crack Pipes @Side Bar;
Vockah Redu, OBN IIIs @Beerland;
December Boys, Church Shoes, Hex Dispensers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Ugly Beats, A Giant Dog @Side Bar.
And that's it! I think there were another band playing after A Giant Dog, but their set was so good that it was the perfect way to end the week.

Now here's some PICS...

And here's some VIDS...

Carletta Sue Kay - "Pretty Inside"

Golden Boys - "Goddamn I Love the Ocean"

Kay Leotard

The Ripe - "Neverending"

March 17, 2012: Day 5, Saturday

Day 5 came with a double dose of Frankie Nowhere and one of the best Chumps shows ever! Saw some great bands, including quite an interesting guest performer with Crystal Antlers...
Anyhoo, here's the rundown:
Creamers @Spider House;
Freddy Steady @Antone's Records;
Paul Collins and Peter Case @Tom's Tabooley;
Then back to Spider House for the rest of the day with The Flash Boys, Sweat Lodge, Teenage News, Barreracudas, Flesh Lights, Blasted Canyons, Cosmonauts, Dikes of Holland, Dead Ghosts, Chumps, Jack Oblivian, King Tuff, Crystal Antlers, Las Ardillas.

First, the PICS...

And a couple of Flash Boys VIDS...

Flash Boys - "Shitty Things"

Flash Boys - "For a Good Time"

March 16, 2012: Day 4, Friday

Heavy Times, Spray Paint, Dikes of Holland, Same Sac @Trailer Space;
'69 Judas, Neighbor, Party Lines @Legendary White Swan;
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Bare Wires, Football, Blind Shake, Thee Oh Sees @Spider House/29th St. Ballroom

Here are some PICS...

And, here are a couple of VIDS of...

Dikes of Holland @Trailer Space

(On the date of this show, this band was called) '69 Judas (and they are now called Feral Future) @Legendary White Swan

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds - "I'm Cramped"