August 28, 2011: Lola-Cola, Gospel Truth, Stuffies

Raucous show with the Stuffies, Gospel Truth and Lola-Cola @Beerland!


Slideshow of edited pics...

Slideshow of unedited pics from the show:


Stuffies playing a new song @Beerland. Aaron says they haven't quite finished working up the song, including the full lyrics. I think it sounds pretty good as an instrumental, though.

Stuffies - "Miracle"

August 27, 2011: Planets, Holy Wave, Bobby Jealousy

Planets, Holy Wave and Bobby Jealousy @Ruta Maya.



Holy Wave - "Best Friends"

Planets - "Love Song/Drug Song"

Planets - "Doctor Disappearing"

Planets - "Planets"

Planets - "Sometimes"

August 25, 2011: A Giant Dog, Ugly Beats, Candi and the Cavities, Literature

A Giant Dog, the Ugly Beats @Mohawk. Candi and the Cavities, Literature @29th St. Ballroom.



A Giant Dog - "Cowboy"

A Giant Dog - "To Put It Bluntly"

The Ugly Beats - "Come On"

The Ugly Beats - "Walking Out on Love"

Literature - "Arab Spring"

Literature - "Manmade Man"

August 12, 2011: Ichi Ni San Shi, Coyote Slingshot and more

Criminally underattended night @Beerland with Ichi Ni San Shi, Coyote Slingshot, Best Fwends and Utopia Park.

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Almost Ready"

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Here Sometime Today"

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Gene"

August 10, 2011: The Return of the Gospel Truth

The long-awaited return of the Gospel Truth! They played a great set @29th St. Ballroom.

The Gospel Truth - "Lonely Man"

The Gospel Truth - "Never Gonna Go"

August 6, 2011: The Ripe and Shapes Have Fangs @Mohawk

The Ripe and Shapes Have Fangs played fantastic sets @Mohawk!



The Ripe - "Magic Eyes"

The Ripe - "Dr. Strange"

Shapes Have Fangs - new song (unknown title)

Shapes Have Fangs - "The Desert (Has a Place for You)"

Shapes Have Fangs - "Terlingua"

Shapes Have Fangs - "Shapes Theme/Only Blood"

August 3, 2011: Simple Circuit @Top of the Pops @29th St. Ballroom

Simple Circuit at the weekly Top of the Pops event thingy @29th St. Ballroom

Simple Circuit - "Sow Idle"

July 30, 2011: Zoltars and ELVIS @Rubberneck release party

Zoltars and ELVIS at the Rubberneck zine release party @Beerland



Zoltars - "Party at the Batcave"

ELVIS - "I Don't Care"

ELVIS - "My Way Robbery"

ELVIS - "You're So Good to Me"

July 29, 2011: L-C, KOSL, SA @29th St Barroom

Lola-Cola, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and Strange Attractors ran wild in the Barroom at the 29th St. Ballroom! Yazzie on a stage that's practically an extension of the bar...either a brilliant idea or a terribly, terribly bad idea.... Anyhoo, it was great fun!



Lola-Cola - "I Run Wild"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Capsules"

July 23, 2011: Hex Dispensers @Breakaway Records

Hex Dispensers played @Breakaway Records' Summer Shing-a-Ling.


+ 1 VID...

Hex Dispensers - "Forest Ray Colson"

July 22, 2011: Mission of Burma, Ume, Daniel Francis Doyle +

Ume and Daniel Francis Doyle opened the show for Mission of Burma, who totally killed, @Mohawk! Went to finish out the night on a mellow note @Hole in the Wall with December Boys.


+ 2 VIDS...

Mission of Burma - "1, 2, 3, Partyy!"

Mission of Burma - "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate"

July 16, 2011: Party Saturday

Really Rottens and Thunderchiefs @Counter Culture's 2nd Anniversary bash.


+ 4 VIDS...

The Really Rottens - "High School Witch"

The Thunderchiefs - "MalagueƱa"

The Thunderchiefs - "Our Last Night"

The Thunderchiefs - "Off the Board"

July 14, 2011: Planets, Hatchet Wound, French Inhales

Planets, Hatchet Wound and French Inhales @Emo's. There are many Austin bands I like. And it's always way cool when 3 of them are on the same bill!


July 9, 2011: French Inhales, Coma in Algiers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers

French Inhales, Coma in Algiers and Kingdom of Suicide Lovers @the Scoot Inn. Cop Warmth also played, but they were done by the time I decided to start taking pictures. Good times!


+2 VIDS...

Coma in Algiers - "In the Western Night"

The French Inhales - "All Bed and No Breakfast"

July 8, 2011: Flesh Lights, Creamers, Bottle Service

During night 3 or 4 of Beerland's 10th anniversary celebration week.


July 3, 2011: Manikin, LoveCollector, Eeries, Candi&TheCavities

Candi and the Cavities started the show off @the Broken Neck. Up next was Love Collector, followed by the Eeries (from Philadelphia). Manikin played last and as a bonus, they had 9 songs on the set list, instead of their usual 8. It was a great end to my birthday week!


+ 3 VIDS...

Manikin - "First React"

Manikin - "Perfect Pictures"

Manikin - "No Reason"

July 2, 2011: Ugly Beats @Carousel Lounge

Ugly Beats put on another great show in their natural habitat, the Carousel Lounge. These pics are kind of a Jeanine-fest 'cause I was standing right in front of her, but there ain't nothin' wrong with that!


June 28, 2011: Birfday funday with TBS, LC, DOH, BG

It was a great birthday for me with good friends and some badass bands! The Blind Shake from Minneapolis (Twin Cities, yeah!) brung the R O C K! Traveling a shorter distance to bring the rock were Love Collector, Dikes of Holland and Black Gum.



Dikes of Holland - "No Desire"

The Blind Shake - "Hurracan"

The Blind Shake - "Seriousness" and "O' Rider"

Lover Collector - "My Baby Goes Waah!"

June 23, 2011: K O S L Record Release show @Ruta Maya

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers record release show @Ruta Maya with Tempo Tantrums and Light Me Up. I wussed out and left before the last band.



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Hoboken Snow"

Tempo Tantrums - "World Comes Crashing Down"

Tempo Tantrums - "Down in the Basement"

Tempo Tantrums - "Kathleen"

June 20, 2011: penultimate show @the Parlor North Loop

The penultimate show @Parlor North Loop with Crisis Hotlines, Bottle Service and the fabulous debut of Rhett and Dean was great, and of course, bittersweet.



Crisis Hotlines - "Crisis"

Rhett and Dean

June 18, 2011: Bottle Service, Bike Problems, Really Rottens

Bottle Service @Trailer Space; Bike Problems and The Really Rottens @Legendary White Swan.



Bottle Service - "I Know Who I Am" + "Spaghetti Song"

Bike Problems - "Strange Addictions"

The Really Rottens - "Squad Car"

June 12, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (pt. 4)

Night 2 of 2 for Paul Collins Beat's gigs at the 29th St (Spiderhouse/United States Art Authority/The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) Ballroom and night 4 of my badass weekend. Opening for PCB: A Giant Dog and OBN IIIs. Oh yeaaaaaah!

June 11, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (pt. 3)

Night 1 of 2 for Paul Collins Beat's gigs at the 29th St (Spiderhouse/United States Art Authority/The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) Ballroom and night 3 of my badass weekend. Opening for PCB: Flesh Lights and Bad Sports. Hotdamn!

June 10, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (pt. 2)

Another fanfuggintastic Friday with Literature and Shitty Beach Boys @the Parlor. To really put a nice capper on the evening, Grand Champeen (one of my favorites!) played @Mohawk.

June 9, 2011: Was it a rocking weekend? Sheeeeeee-it! (Pt. 1)

This Thursday kickoff to the weekend was one bad muhfugger! I did 5 one-way trips between Skinny's Ballroom and Emo's, so this fatass got his sweat on both during and between the bands' sets. And although I didn't get to see their set, I got the Planets cd (with a little help from my friends...Dan, I owe you 2 bucks!) and I am thoroughly diggin' it.



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers

The Beta Rhythm - "The One"

The Ripe - "A Good Thing Found"

The Ripe - "Be Adventurous"