May 26, 2011: Scrabble Robot, Boosy Cray, The Damn Times

 Rockin' Thursday night show!



Scrabble Robot

The Damn Times

May 25, 2011: Hex Dispensers, Cola Freaks +

Rockin' Wednesday with Flesh Lights, Broken Gold, Fossils, Cola Freaks (and their sweaty-ass microphone) and Hex Dispensers.



Flesh Lights

Hex Dispensers - "Lose My Cool"/"I've Got My Doppelganger On"

May 20, 2011: A Giant Dog, The Energy, Simple Circuit, JWC

Awesome show @Beerland with John Wesley Coleman, Simple Circuit, The Energy and A Giant Dog.



Simple Circuit - "Boarded Up Houses"

Simple Circuit - "Teenage Ghost"

Simple Circuit - "Sattrash"

May 19, 2011: ELVIS, French Inhales, Lola-Cola, K.O.S.L. +

The French Inhales put together a great show @Emo's. In order of appearance, the bands were: Heirloom, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Lola-Cola, French Inhales and ELVIS.



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Warm Leather"

Lola-Cola - "Lola-Cola +"

May 14, 2011: Ugly Beats @Ruta Maya

Ugly Beats played another rockin' show as usual!


Ugly Beats - "Don't, Girl", "I'll Make You Happy", "Slow Death", "Maximum Bumble"

May 13, 2011: Manikin, BangBangTheodores, HowIQuitCrack, Zoltars

Manikin celebrated the release of their latest Super Secret Records 7" single, Minority Rules, with a show @Cheer Up Charlie's. (Check out my posted videos to hear Manikin's killer version of "Grinding Halt"), Bang Bang Theodores were also on that bill, which was cool 'cause I've been meaning to check 'em out. Dug 'em. As usual, there were a bunch of other good shows happening, but I was only able to make it one other show and I caught the last two bands @Beerland: How I Quit Crack and the Zoltars! Good night all 'round.



Manikin - "Grinding Halt"

Manikin - "The Manikin"

May 7, 2011: otro sábado de rock

Really Rottens @Green House;
Extravaganza, Jensen Eyes, Chumps @the Parlor;
Lola-Cola @Beerland.


The Really Rottens - "The Tingler"

The Really Rottens - "Bullet Drama"

The Chumps - "Kill All Musicians"

The Chumps - "I Got a Problem"


April 29, 2011: Strange Attractors and Tia Carrera

Strange Attractors record release show at Trailer Space. In the grand tradition of Austin record release shows, the physical record is not available yet (but if you preorder the vinyl, you can get the download). Tia Carrera was also releasing a record that day. I don't know if they had theirs on hand. The Wolf played first, but I only got to hear their last song.

VIDEO: Strange Attractors - "Reverberation"

April 27, 2011: Last Year's Men, Reigning Sound, Dikes of Holland

Free show at the Mohawk with Last Year's Men and Reigning Sound and Dikes of Holland tour kickoff show at Beerland...on Red River St, Austin, TX 78701

April 22, 2011: Church Shoes, Dikes of Holland, American Sharks

Church Shoes, Dikes of Holland and American Sharks played at Hotel Vegas.


VID: Dikes of Holland - "Gone"

April 15, 2011: Flash Boys, Los Skarnales, Ugly Beats

Flash Boys DO play rock and roll!!
I don't know if Los Skarnales play e-ska-roll or what, but whatever you call it, it was fun!
Ugly Beats ALSO play rock and roll (también, auch, too)!

April 11, 2011: Ugly Beats @The Ritz

Ugly Beats played before the screening of "Teen-A-Go-Go".



Ugly Beats - "Motor"

Ugly Beats - "Your Turn to Cry"

Ugly Beats - "Sombras"

Ugly Beats - "KO'd"

Ugly Beats - "Bee Line"

April 8, 2011: Wire @the Mohawk

Wire kicked some serious ass at the Mohawk. TV Torso opened. They weren't bad, but I don't think they were the right band for the bill. Ah, who cares, Wire kicked ass!!!

March 27, 2011: DEVO

As you can see from the pictures, I got there a bit late, so I couldn't get all the way up to the front...

March 23, 2011: Hugh Cornwell w/the Chumps

Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers played a free show at Lovejoy's. The Chumps opened. It was pretty cool.

March 20, 2011: SxSW, day 6

For SouthbySunday, I figured I'd just chill out at Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest all day and listen to some of my favorite local bands, while occasionally popping over to Beerland for a couple of bands, just like last year. And that's pretty much what I did, but it was even better than I hoped. I heard/saw all or part of 18 sets of music (17 different acts!) with a very nice mix of local and non-local bands. Here's how it went down, more or less... @Beerland: 1) Burnt Ones, 2) Carletta Sue Kay, 3) Brainstorm, 6) X-Ray Eyeballs, 10) Dominique Young Unique, 11) Vockah Redu, and 13) White Mystery; @UDCDF: 4) Quin Galavis, 5) Guadalupe Plata, 7) Strange Attractors, 8) Beta Rhythm, 9) Serious Tracers, 12) The Ripe, 14) Til We're Blue or Destroy, 15) Ugly Beats, 16) A Giant Dog and 17) Cynics. Then I walked over to Emo's to see 18) Vockah Redu again. Much love to Doug for putting on Chili Dog Fest again. I know I say this a lot, but it truly was a beautiful thing.

March 19, 2011: SxSW, day 5

Saturday was another great day of sx'11. Started off with Gentleman Jesse and his Men @Mess With Texas party, then headed over to the Grackle to see Gringo Star and the Golden Boys. After that, it was back to MWTX, where I saw two bands I didn't know (City and Colour, and Dodos) while working my way to the front for OFF!. I went over to the tent stage @MWTX to see the Fresh and Onlys while waiting for Dávila 666 to go on. At that point, I needed a break, so I went home for a while. Then I ended the night @Spider House with Shannon and the Clams, the Shrapnelles, Mickey and the Flesh Lights! Saw 12 bands in all, so that was a nice warmup for Sunday...

March 18, 2011: SxSW, day 4

Another relatively slow day in terms of number of bands seen, but they were all great. And I got to see one of my favorites twice! After dropping one of the out-of-towners off at the airport, I hauled ass downtown to try to catch the first band of the day. They'd already started, but luckily I caught a good portion of Wounded Lion's set @Shangri-La. Next, it was off to Spider House to see the Woggles, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Bass Drum of Death and Dávila 666. After a short break, went to Cheer Up Charlie's and saw Wounded Lion (again!) and Personal and the Pizzas. Finished off the evening @Legendary White Swan with the Damn Times and the Sons of Hercules!

March 17, 2011: SxSW, day 3

Screw it.., I'm just uploading the jpeg versions for now. No time to convert the .raw files. Maybe I'll upload those versions later. Anyhoo, it was a relatively mellow sx Thursday. I only saw 9 bands. It would have been more, but the out-of-towners wanted to eat at a sit-down restaurant and, being the consummate host, I accommodated them. Can't really complain though 'cause I still got to see... @Spider House: 1) The Chevelles, 2) the muhfuggin' Ugly Beats, 3) Grand Atlantic, 4) Level Spirits, 5) Dom Mariani Trio and 6) the frickin Fleshtones! Then we saw three more bands @Trailer Space: 7) Unholy Two (not sure if I got the name right), 8) the Onions and 9) Mickey. After that, we got some grub at Kerbey Lane and called it a night.

March 16, 2011: SxSW, day 2

I felt like I was never gonna get through all my sxsw pictures. Here's a rundown of the pics from Wednesday...

We started at Waterloo Records for Wild Flag and Fitz and the Tantrums. Next, we went over to see the Woggles at Elysium. Then went next door, but Wounded Lion had already played at Beerland (dang!). Then I think my out-of-town d-bags demanded a break, so we got something to eat. Then we headed over to Spider House and caught Thee Oh Sees. After that, it was back to Beerland to finish out the night at the SuperSecret/Mortville showcase, which was free this year! Once there, we saw Coyote Slingshot, the Extravaganza, Ichi Ni San Shi, Scrabble Robot, Simple Circuit, Manikin and the OBN IIIs! And yeah, I know, 172 pics is a lot... I already got rid of 600 shots, but feel free to tell me which other ones I should delete.

March 15, 2011: SxSW, day 1

OK, I finally got through my pictures for Tuesday of SX. We got there waaay too early so we went to Trophy's for a beer and caught a couple of country songs by Armadillo Road. Having put ourselves in the proper mood @Trophy's, we headed back to Ruta Maya for the rock with Tempo Tantrums, Sons of Hercules and Easy Action!

March 5, 2011: CVP II Release Shows @Beerland - Night 3

Great finish to the 3-night Casual Victim Pile II Release shows @Beerland! The bands, in order of appearance were: Coma in Algiers, The Dead Space, Cruddy, Women In Prison and A Giant Dog. The only downer was that I got there late, so I missed the first band, Expensive Shit.

March 4, 2011: CVP II Release Shows @Beerland - Night 2

Night 2 of the Casual Victim Pile II Release shows @Beerland! The bands, in order of appearance were: Hatchet Wound, Serious Tracers, Naw Dude, Crisis Hotlines, Rayon Beach, and OBN IIIs. Another great night!

March 3, 2011: CVP II Release Shows @Beerland - Night 1

Night 1 of the Casual Victim Pile II Release shows @Beerland! The bands, in order of appearance were: French Inhales, Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves, Bottle Service (featuring the many, or at least several, faces of Joe the tambourine man), Literature, the Zoltars and Simple Circuit. It was a lovely, lovely thing. This was the last night I used my trusty old Kodak C643 point and shoot camera exclusively. It has served me so well for the past 5 or 6 years! Not only did it capture images from many awesome frickin' shows, but it also saved me a ton of money by keeping me busy and away from the bar. From here on out, I'll mainly be using my new camera, but I'll probably pull this baby out when the beer starts a-flying. It's already survived many, many beer baths.