August 22, 2014: AA/FC/UB/SoH

Opening Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Art Acevedo; remaining scenes from Beerland with Forever Changes, the Ugly Beats and the Sons of Hercules.



Art Acevedo - "Aasim, First Citizen of Austin, We Salute You"

Art Acevedo - "In The People's Trust"

Art Acevedo - "The Wall Between Us"

Art Acevedo - "Ghost of Police Future"

Forever Changes - "A House is Not a Motel"

Forever Changes - "Alone Again Or"

Forever Changes - "Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale"

Forever Changes - "Seven & Seven Is"

The Ugly Beats - "I Can't Hide"

The Ugly Beats - "Gudbuy T' Jane"

The Sons of Hercules - "Brain Dead"

The Sons of Hercules - "Grow Up"

August 16, 2014: AGD/BL

Scenes from Cheer Up Charlie's with A Giant Dog and The Bad Lovers.



A Giant Dog - "Cleveland Steven"

A Giant Dog - "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

A Giant Dog - "Sex & Drugs"

A Giant Dog - "Pins and Needles"

A Giant Dog - "The Grand"

The Bad Lovers - "The Ticket That Exploded"

August 9, 2014: get dumber with Art Acevedo

Scenes from Beerland with Art Acevedo, ST 37 and Naked Pictures.



Art Acevedo - "Dumber"

Art Acevedo - "Still Not Me, It's You"

Art Acevedo - "What is Your Future Value?"

Art Acevedo - "Dear City of Austin, This is Art"

ST 37 - "Thirst"

August 8, 2014: 'bout Damn Times

Opening scenes from Hotel Vegas with John Wesley Coleman; remaining scenes from Gypsy Lounge for the return of The Damn Times with City Life and Borzoi.



John Wesley Coleman - "Miranda"

The Damn Times - "Feelin' Better?"

The Damn Times - "Moto Girl Saturday Night"

City Life - "Touch Me"

Borzoi - "Worrywart"

Borzoi - "Swamp Thing"

August 3, 2014: Wedding Rock

Scenes from the musical portion of Jillian and Carrie's wedding celebration at Fiesta Gardens, with Chicon, The Frightened City and Flash Boys.



Chicon - "Slow Nights"

Chicon - "Crush"

The Frightened City - "Left Below"

Flash Boys - "Shitty Things"

Flash Boys - "She Don't Care"

Flash Boys - "All Night Long"

Flash Boys - "Move"

August 2, 2014: CIA and The Gospel Truth

Opening scenes from Cheer Up Charlie's with Coma in Algiers; closing scenes from Beerland with The Gospel Truth.



Coma in Algiers - "Meaty Gums"

Coma in Algiers - "Sexual Beings"

The Gospel Truth - "32"

The Gospel Truth - "You don't want us"

The Gospel Truth - "The Belt"

The Gospel Truth - "12ax7"

July 31, 2014: A Giant Dog

Scenes from Mohawk with A Giant Dog.



A Giant Dog - "Nature"

A Giant Dog - "Another World"