July 25, 2014: A lotta Beerland/a little bridge

Most scenes from Beerland with Borzoi, Church Shoes, Meet Your Death and OBN IIIs; a few late night scenes from the Hangover Breakfast bridge show with Ghetto Ghouls and Slash & Spread.



Borzoi - "Draino"

Borzoi - "Hang 10"

Borzoi - "Digits"

Meet Your Death - "Love & Death"

Meet Your Death - "Elephant Man"

OBN IIIs - "No Time For The Blues"

OBN IIIs - "The Rockin Spins"

Ghetto Ghouls - "Living Alone"

July 24, 2014: EM/SP/FL

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Empty Markets, Spray Paint and Flesh Lights.



Empty Markets - "New Religion"

Empty Markets - "Application Process"

Spray Paint - "Psychic Doug"

Spray Paint - "Ultimate Umpire"

Spray Paint - Cussin'

Flesh Lights - "Free Yourself"

Flesh Lights - "Flashback"

Flesh Lights - "Too Big to Fail"

July 19, 2014: Nick Cave and The Ugly Beats

Opening scenes from ACL Live with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; closing scenes from Carousel Lounge with The Ugly Beats!



Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "The Weeping Song"

The Ugly Beats - "Brand New Day"

The Ugly Beats - "I'm Against It"

July 18, 2014: Art Acevedo and the Goons

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records with Art Acevedo; additional scenes from The Grand with Mensroom, Ekstraktion, Dead Lung, and Gino and the Goons.



Art Acevedo - "Your Attention Please"

Art Acevedo - "Stand in My Shiny Shoes"

Art Acevedo - "You Take the Second Watch"

Gino and the Goons - "Repeat It"

July 12, 2014: Zoltars/ModernFuckers

Scenes from Beerland with The Zoltars and The Modern Fuckers née Love Collector née(née?) The Modern Fuckers.



The Zoltars - "Jailbreak"

The Zoltars - "Bad Man"

The Modern Fuckers - "First Night of Leather"

The Modern Fuckers - "You Drain My Batteries"

July 5, 2014: WarmWesWolf

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with The Wolf, John Wesley Coleman, and Warm Soda.



The Wolf - "Time in Circles"

The Wolf - "Please Be Mine"

John Wesley Coleman - "A Clown Gave You a Baby"

John Wesley Coleman - "Miranda"

Warm Soda

July 1, 2014: ArtAcevedo/HiddenRitual

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Art Acevedo, Hidden Ritual and Axxa/Abraxas.



Hidden Ritual - "Judy"

June 28, 2014: Sugar Shack

Scenes from Red 7 with Bangaar, Weird Party, Simple Circuit and Sugar Shack!

This show was a benefit to help defray some of Hex Dispenser Rebecca Whitley's medical costs. If you couldn't make it, you can still help by buying this Espectrostatic release: Phantominom EP



Weird Party - "Mouthy"

Sugar Shack - "Go! Space City"

Sugar Shack - "Can't Get Past It"

Sugar Shack - "I'm Just That Way"