October 22, 2011: Halloween Fuzz Club, etc.

Early Halloween celebration @Fuzz Club with the Really Rottens, Casanova Frankenstein and DJ Sue! And a little late-night shenanigans @Shawn Carpetbagger's chest fuzz club!

Here are some PICS...

And here's some VIDS of the Really Rottens...

The Really Rottens - "High School Witch"

The Really Rottens - "Comanche"

October 21, 2011: A Giant Dog, Shapes Have Fangs +

Yet another great show @Beerland with A Giant Dog, Shapes Have Fangs, TV Ghost (from Indiana) and Bad Lovers.

Here are some PICS from the show...

And here are some VIDS from the show...

Bad Lovers - "Breathin' Hot"

Shapes Have Fangs - "Dinner in the Dark"

Shapes Have Fangs - (as-yet-untitled new song)

TV Ghost - don't know the title

A Giant Dog - "The Grand"

October 15, 2011: OBN IIIs @Beerland

Once again, the OBN IIIs rocked the shit outta the joint! This time around, they had help from Broncho (Oklahoma) and The Mahas (Houston).

Here's a very quick view of what went down:

Here's the OBN IIIs doin' "Kick Me Out"

And, here's a slower view of the proceedings.

October 14, 2011: Fleshtones Party!

Ain't no party like a Fleshtones party! The Fleshtones (with help from the Ugly Beats) got down @Uncle Billy's on Lake Travis, of all places. The afterparty was The Ripe gig @Emos. "Good times" doesn't even come close to describing it.

I got carried away and I took a lot of video that night: 7 Ugly Beats vids, 7 Fleshtones vids and 2 of The Ripe

First, here's a fast slideshow (don't blink!) to get you up to speed on what ya missed...

And now here's some VIDS, (okay it's a LOT of video), so get your dancing shoes on..

The Ugly Beats - 1 - "Throw Me a Line"

The Ugly Beats - 2 - "Starry Eyes"

The Ugly Beats - 3 - "Your Turn to Cry"

The Ugly Beats - 4 - "Los gusanos"

The Ugly Beats - 5 - "Sombras"

The Ugly Beats - 6 - "Harm's Way"

The Ugly Beats - 7 - "I'll Make You Happy"

The Fleshtones - 1 - "Feels Good to Feel"

The Fleshtones - 2 - "Pretty Pretty Pretty"

The Fleshtones - 3 - " ? "

The Fleshtones - 4 - "Remember the Ramones"

The Fleshtones - 5 - " ? "

The Fleshtones - 6 - "Some Kinda Fun"

The Fleshtones - 7 - "Hexbreaker"

The Ripe - 1 - "Yellow Phone"

The Ripe - 2 - "The Greatest"

And finally here are some PICS at normal speed...

October 8, 2011: Bang Bang Theodores, Rhett & Dean, John Wesley Coleman III

Good times @Frontier Bar with Bang Bang Theodores, Rhett & Dean, and John Wesley Coleman III.

Scroll down past the slideshow to see video of all 3 bands!



Bang Bang Theodores - "When I'm Dead"

Rhett and Dean - "Eating in Eden"

John Wesley Coleman III - "Oh, Basketball"

John Wesley Coleman III - "Where Did My Friends Go?"

October 7, 2011: The Ripe and Friends

The Ripe returned from their tour of Spain and Italy with much/mucho/molto mojo and loosed it upon us @Red 7. December Boys, Zest of Yore and Miss Melvis rocked it also/tambiƩn/anche!

As usual, you can see a slideshow of pics from the evening and after the slideshow, see some video from December Boys and The Ripe.



December Boys - "Sell the Moon"

The Ripe - "Constant Waves"

October 4, 2011: HAAM Benefit Day

Went to shows @Red 7 and Beerland for HAAM Benefit day. Contributed a little money to a great cause and was instantly rewarded by some lovely thunder, some thunder was louder than others (some thunders' mothers are louder than other thunders' mothers) but it was all lovely; and it was delivered by the likes of Air Traffic Controllers, Eric Static, Modok, Sally Crewe and The Sudden Moves, Aaron Blount and Simple Circuit.

After the slideshow of the pics, you can see some video of Air Traffic Controllers, Eric Static, Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves, Aaron Blount and Simple Circuit.


Apologies for getting carried away with the zoom. I just discovered the digital zoom feature which had been turned off, so as I said, I went overboard...
OK, here are the VIDS:

Air Traffic Controllers - "Ixithra vs. Lanza"

Eric Static - "Requests"

Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves - "Make Me Stay"

Aaron Blount - "Orphan in Bloom"

Simple Circuit - "Slide Whine"

Simple Circuit - "Rathead Submarine"

October 1, 2011: Eastside Saturday night

Had a great time at the Melissa Bryan Record Release Party that also doubled as an art show @Obsolete Industries. John Wesley Coleman put on a great performance. Also my first time @Frontier Bar where I saw The Really Rottens and Smithers. Then made my way back to E. 12th St to the Legendary White Swan to see about half of ELVIS's set, as well as an interesting performance by B L A C K I E. Coma in Algiers capped off the evening.

Here is a slideshow of the edited pics.

This is a slideshow of unedited photos from that evening. Music is a live recording of John Wesley Coleman from that night.

VIDS of John Wesley Coleman III, Smithers and Coma in Algiers...

John Wesley Coleman III - "Bad Lady Goes to Jail"

Smithers - "Jealous Minds"

Coma in Algiers - "Leipzig"

September 29, 2011: French Inhales, Lola-Cola, A Giant Dog

Another great Thursday with The French Inhales and Lola-Cola @Scoot Inn and A Giant Dog @Red 7.

Keep scrolling past the slideshow to see 2 videos of The French Inhales, 3 of Lola-Cola and 1 of A Giant Dog.



French Inhales – “Small Amongs Giants”

French Inhales - “Everything Pure”

Lola-Cola – “You Melt my Ice Cream Castle”

Lola-Cola – “Crowding Up My Mirror”

Lola-Cola – cover of “Fan Club”

A Giant Dog – “To Put It Bluntly”