October 27, 2013: BOO!(rger) CITY

Scenes from the Halloween edition of Burger City at The Grand with Cult Babies (Vancouver) + Gory Details as the Misfits!

Unfortunately I had to miss Ditch Witch as Pentagram and the Shitty Beach Boys as the Shitty Beach Boys.


October 25, 2013: Schooley, Church Shoes +

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with John Schooley and His One Man Band, Dirty Streets (Memphis, TN), Ghost Dance (Springfield, MO) and Church Shoes.



Church Shoes - "Lady Love Me Lousy"

October 19, 2013: UglBts/SnsHrcls/GhttGhls/IchNSnSh/BllRts

Scenes from Continental Club with Ugly Beats and Sons of Hercules; Cheer Up Charlie's with Ghetto Ghouls; and Beerland with Ichi Ni San Shi and Bell Riots.



Ugly Beats - "Sombras"

Sons of Hercules - "Guttersnipe"

Sons of Hercules - "Shakin' Street"

Ghetto Ghouls

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Primitive Care"

Ichi Ni San Shi - "Slow Truth"

October 18, 2013: Birthday party at the White Swan

Scenes from Angie's birthday party @Legendary White Swan with Wild Frenzies, Modfather w/Danny Hoekstra (playing a set of Rolling Stones tunes) and Smithers finishing up the night!



Wild Frenzies - "California Sun"

Wild Frenzies - "Down in the Basement"

Modfather w/Danny Hoekstra - "Lady Jane"

Modfather w/Danny Hoekstra - "Paint It Black"

Modfather w/Danny Hoekstra - "Let's Spend the Night Together"

October 11, 2013: KidKnifeGospel

Scenes from Red 7 with Gospel Truth, Knife in the Water plus Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds!



Gospel Truth - "Heaven is Ugly"

Gospel Truth - "No"

Knife in the Water - "Swallows"

Knife in the Water - "Rene"

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds - "Dance Me Swamply"

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds - "Loud and Proud"

Additional video of Knife in the Water

October 5, 2013: Nazi Gold

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Nazi Gold.



Nazi Gold - "Rhythm"

Nazi Gold - "Stop"

October 4, 2013: Onyas/A Giant Dog

Scenes from Beerland with the Onyas and A Giant Dog.



The Onyas and John Schooley - "Don't Look at Me When I'm Looking at You"

A Giant Dog - "Dammit Pomegranate"

A Giant Dog - "Nutria"

October 2, 2013: WesChuckleGravyIIIs

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with John Wesley Coleman, The Chuckleberries, Gravys Drop; further scenes from Beerland with OBN IIIs first Austin show in ~6 months.


September 27, 2013: Crooked Bangs tour kickoff

Scenes from Beerland for Crooked Bangs' tour kickoff with Ghetto Ghouls and Burnt Skull.



Burnt Skull

Crooked Bangs - "Untitled #4"

Crooked Bangs

September 26, 2013: TrusteesWesFleshComaSpace

Scenes from Trailer Space with Trustees, John Wesley Coleman and Flesh Lights; additional scenes from Beerland with Coma in Algiers and Dead Space.



Trustees - "Stop Picking at Me"

John Wesley Coleman - "Jesus Never Went to Junior High"

John Wesley Coleman - "Miranda"

Flesh Lights - "Flashback"

Flesh Lights - "We Go Off"