December 22, 2012: Bobby Jealousy

Scenes from Bobby Jealousy @Old No. 2 in Laredo. It was nice to hear some Austin music while I was down there visiting my family.



Bobby Jealousy - "Flamethrower"

December 20, 2012: Suspirians, French Inhales, Shinta

Scenes from the French Inhales (returning after a few months' hiatus) along with Suspirians and Shinta at Beerland.



French Inhales - "Everything Pure"

French Inhales - "Stilts"

Suspirians - "In My Time"

Suspirians - "Cicada"

December 15, 2012: Ugly Beats @Carousel Lounge!

Scenes from the Ugly Beats show at the best place to see them live - the Carousel Lounge!



Ugly Beats - "I'll Make You Happy"

Ugly Beats - "Gone for Good"

December 8, 2012: Birthday House Party

Scenes from a party @Eric Unusual's house celebrating lotsa people's birthdays with Chicon, We Know Where You Live, Spastic Shakes and Bad Lovers.



Spastic Shakes - "Rockin Pneumonia"

December 7, 2012: Crooked Bangs, Spray Paint, The Young

Scenes from Crooked Bangs, Spray Paint and The Young @Holy Mountain.



Spray Paint - "Spock Fingers"

Spray Paint - "Hyper Believable"

Crooked Bangs - "Halfway/Lucifer, Mon Amour"

Crooked Bangs - "Wake Up/Livin' in Sin"

Crooked Bangs - "Brains"

Crooked Bangs - "Shrill/Le Pacte du Loup"

December 6, 2012: KOSL @Thirst Fursdays

Scenes from Kingdom of Suicide Lovers playing the Thirst Fursdays monthly event @Chain Drive.

Here are a few photos...

...and a video of KOSL playing "Young & Destroyed".

December 1, 2012: KOSL, Damn Times, Dead Space, Foreign Mothers

Early: Kingdom of Suicide Lovers @Schaefer Guitars Xmas party. No pics, just video.

Late: Damn Times @Red 7; Dead Space and Foreign Mothers @Hotel Vegas.



KOSL - "System vs. Factory"

KOSL - "Unexpected Journey"

KOSL - "Hollow Tree"

The Damn Times - "Will Trade for Handgun"

The Damn Times - "Don't Like People"

The Damn Times - "Five to Five"

November 30, 2012: Vomettes, Jonly Bonly, Love Collector

Scenes from the Vomettes, Jonly Bonly and Love Collector @Beerland.



Vomettes - "No love for NOLA"

Jonly Bonly - "Better"

Jonly Bonly - "You Want IT"

November 29, 2012: Feral Future, ELVIS, Bobby Jealousy

Scenes from Feral Future, ELVIS and Bobby Jealousy @Frontier Bar.



ELVIS - "Animal Gagnetism"

ELVIS - "What"

Bobby Jealousy - "There's Nothing You Can Do About It"