July 19, 2012: Coma in Algiers, Bloody Knives, Serious Tracers, Air Traffic Controllers

Air Traffic Controllers (with Rhett filling in on drums), the return of Serious Tracers, Bloody Knives, Coma in Algiers added up to another night of fun @Beerland.

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDEO...

Serious Tracers - "TV Zombie"

Serious Tracers - "Wash This Town Up"

Coma in Algiers - "No Human Contact"

Coma in Algiers - "Sooner Than Later"

July 16, 2012: Foreign Mothers Record Release/Tour Kickoff

Foreign Mothers record release show @29th St. Ballroom. It was also the kickoff for their tour with Dead Space. Gospel Truth and Flesh Lights also played!

Now, here are some PICS...

...and some VIDEO...

Foreign Mothers - "Love Song for Bill Paxton"

Foreign Mothers - "Possessive/Plural"

July 14, 2012: Chumps & Suspirians

Candi's Birthday party @Legendary White Swan with Suspirians and the Chumps! And yeah, I probably should have taken a picture of the birthday girl, but she was there, really!

...here are some PICS...

...and some VIDEO...

Suspirians - "Surf Song"

The Chumps with Bill Jeffery - "Pharmacy"

July 13, 2012: Ugly Beats @Legendary White Swan

Ugly Beats, Go Wows, Soulphonics @Legendary White Swan

...some PICS...

...and some VIDEO...

Soulphonics - "Time has Changed"

Ugly Beats - "Motor"

Ugly Beats - "Up On the Sun"

July 12, 2012: SsserpentssS, John Wesley Coleman, Flesh Lights

SsserpentssS @Beerland; John Wesley Coleman and Flesh Lights @Red 7.


...and some VIDS...

John Wesley Coleman - "Bad Lady Goes to Jail"

Flesh Lights - "Too Big to Fail"

July 8, 2012: Bad Lovers record release show

Record release show for the Bad Lovers' album "Actin Strange" (out on Burger City Rock n Roll), with Sexploits, Stiff Nites, Bad Vibes, Teenage News.


...and a VID of Teenage News playing "I Talk Big Talk"

July 7, 2012: Followed By Static, Crooked Bangs, Golden Boys

Saturday night @Beerland with Followed By Static, Crooked Bangs and Golden Boys!



Followed By Static - "Black Kite"

Followed By Static - "Chub"

Followed By Static - "Rockaway"

Crooked Bangs - ""Wake Up / Livin' in Sin"

Crooked Bangs - "Be Young"

Crooked Bangs - "C'est Inutile"

Golden Boys - "Sidewalk"

July 3, 2012: Rhett and Dean @Beerland

2 of 4 bands dropped off the bill @Beerland, and I missed the Gory Details. Fortunately, I did catch Rhett and Dean, conveniently performing as Rhett and Dean, again after 4 long days without seeing them.

Here are some PICS...

and here's a VID of Rhett and Dean playing "Piece of Trash"

June 30, 2012: Kashmere Stage Band!

Wow, what a way to end my birthday month!!! Hard Proof opened the show @Antone's for the headliner, the legendary Kashmere Stage Band!

Here are some pics...

..and a video excerpt from Kashmere Stage Band's performance!

June 29, 2012: Club DeVille & 29th St. Ballroom

Grand Champeen and The Ripe @Club DeVille; Sons of Hercules @29th St. Ballroom!

Here are some PICS...

And a couple of VIDS...

The Ripe - "Orchestra"

Sons of Hercules - "Once I Was"

Sons of Hercules - "Lost in Space"

Sons of Hercules - "Carving Knife"

June 28, 2012: Gremlins UK, Rhett & Dean, Vomettes, Air Traffic Controllers

Fun show @Beerland with Gremlins UK, Rhett & Dean, Vomettes and Air Traffic Controllers.

Here are some PICS...

and some VIDS...

Gremlins UK - "Weekend 'Billies"

Rhett and Dean - "Tears of the Cherokee"

Air Traffic Controllers

June 23, 2012: Trailer Space & Beerland

Another Saturday night, alright! With Crooked Bangs, Stuffies (with Yazzie filling in on bass) @Trailer Space Records; Creationists, Manikin, Dikes of Holland @Beerland.

Here are some PICS...

and some VID...

Crooked Bangs - "Halfway"

Crooked Bangs - "20th Century Mind" & "Shrill"

Manikin - "Red Song"

Manikin - "Fumes"