April 19, 2013: Ugly Beats/Bad Lovers

Scenes from Red 7 with the Bad Lovers and the Ugly Beats.



Ugly Beats - "I Can See"

April 17, 2013: Spray Paint Tour Kickoff

Scenes from the Spray Paint Tour Kickoff @Beerland with Ghetto Ghouls, Burnt Skull, Crooked Bangs, including the live debut of a new Spray Paint song.



Spray Paint - "Down to Party"

April 17, 2013: Spray Paint - "I Need a Bag" (new song!)

April 13, 2013: John Wesley Coleman / Dikes of Holland

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with John Wesley Coleman and Dikes of Holland!



Dikes of Holland - "Last Sentence"

Dikes of Holland - "Rotten Taste"

John Wesley Coleman playing a cover of "We Could Be Looking For the Same Thing" (by Silver Jews)

April 11, 2013: French Inhales/KOSL/Smithers/EetsFEATS

Scenes from Beerland with EetsFEATS, Smithers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and French Inhales



EetsFEATS - "Burnt Out"

Smithers - "Last Transmission"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Back to the City"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Red Tent"

French Inhales - "Never Show My Face"

April 6, 2013: Las Ardillas/Los Vigilantes/Crooked Bangs/Pharaohs

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Pharaohs, Crooked Bangs, Los Vigilantes and Las Ardillas!



Pharaohs - "Lock Me Out"

Pharaohs - "Hateful"

Las Ardillas - "Canción de luz"

Las Ardillas - "Cuando cante esta canción"

March 17, 2013: Doug's Chili Dog Fest and Panache Hangover Party

Scenes from Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest at Side Bar (and surrounding establishments) and Panache Hangover Party at Beerland with Acapulco Lips, Manikin, Purple Stickpin, R.A.D., Coma in Algiers, Light Me Up, No Mas Bodas, Bad Lovers, John Schooley and His One Man Band, Golden Boys, Church Shoes, Lola-Cola, OBNOX, Gospel Truth, Ugly Beats, Crooked Bangs, Foreign Mothers, Sweet Talk, Dikes of Holland and The Blind Shake!



Manikin - "Fumes"

Manikin - "Oblivia"


Bad Lovers - "Actin' Strange" + 1 more

Church Shoes - "OK"


Sweet Talk - "Same Place"

March 16, 2013: Barbarella/Beerland/Longbranch/T-Space/WhiteSwan

Scenes from the Rubberneck show @Barbarella, then Beerland for a bit, back to Barbarella, on to the Longbranch Inn and Trailer Space, over to the Legendary White Swan and back to Trailer Space for a very late close to the evening...with musical accompaniment by Coma in Algiers, The Be Helds, Modern Convenience, The Young, Spider Bags, A Giant Dog, Spray Paint, Pharaohs, The Blind Shake, Las Ardillas, Los Vigilantes, Dikes of Holland (and a beary special guest), Burnt Skull, G.Green, OBNOX, Sweet Talk, Unholy Two, Sons of Hercules and the Cheater Slicks!!! Lotsa video too, including Coma in Algiers, Modern Convenience, The Blind Shake, Las Ardillas, Los Vigilantes, G.Green, OBNOX, Sweet Talk and Sons of Hercules. And I may add some Spray Paint and Dikes video later...



Coma in Algiers - "Extol"

Modern Convenience - "such a party (facebook gangsta)"

Pharaohs - "Cum n' Git It"

The Blind Shake - "Sold My Beatle A"

Las Ardillas - "Encerrado"

Los Vigilantes - "Ven Vamos"



Sweet Talk - "Danger"

Sons of Hercules - "Different Kind of Ugly"

Sons of Hercules - "Lost in Space"