September 16, 2011: First Comes Chumps, then comes Flesh Lights...

Good start to the evening with my beloved Chumps @Trailer Space. Then it was on to the Flesh Lights record release show @29th St. Ballroom with great sets by Creamers, Dead Space, Wiccans, Bad Sports and the aforementioned Flesh Lights!

After the slideshow, you'll see videos of the Chumps ("What You Need", "Punch Mama", "I Do the Things I Do"), Bad Sports ("Can't Stay" and "On Video"/"Face Like That") and Flesh Lights (I need to ask Max for the title).



Chumps - "What You Need"

Chumps - "Punch Mama"

Chumps - "I Do the Things I Do"

Bad Sports - "Can't Stay"

Bad Sports - "On Video"/"Face Like That"

Flesh Lights - don't know the title yet

September 4, 2011: Planets, French Inhales, Manikin, Jared Zoltar

Pingponged between Beauty Bar and Beerland to see Jared Zoltar (Beerland), Smithers, Manikin and French Inhales (Beauty Bar), and Planets (Beerland).

Keep going after the slideshow to see performances on video by: Jared Zoltar, Manikin and French Inhales. Sorry, no Smithers footage this time around.



Jared Zoltar - "Animal Dreams"

Manikin - "Face the Wall"

Manikin - "Perfect Pictures"

Manikin - "Hole"

French Inhales - "Surfing for Goths"

French Inhales - "Bored and Lonely"

Planets - "Weapon Void" with Bill Jeffery guesting on trumpet.

Planets - "1977"

September 1, 2011: Followed By Static, Rhett & Dean, Melissa Bryan, Angel Babies

Rockin' Thursday @Beerland with Followed By Static, Rhett & Dean, Melissa Bryan and The Angel Babies. I only saw about half of the Angel Babies' set, who I had never seen before, but what I saw, I dug. I wish I'd seen all of it. Fortunately, the rest of the acts made up for what I missed.

Keep scrolling to the bottom to see pictures from the show as well as see/hear some video, including 2 songs by Melissa Bryan - "Days Past Long" and "Rock 'n' Roll Saved My Life Last Night".

There are also 6 numbers by Rhett & Dean (I got a little carried away). I hope Rhett & Dean will help me out and provide song titles. On the videos, Rhett says the titles of the first (I'm Your Fire?) and last (Tears of a Cherokee?) songs, but I'm not certain I heard him right.

Last, but certainly not least, there are 2 songs by Followed By Static - "Nightmares" and "Chub".

Update: Rhett has kindly provided the song titles: ‎1- Never Retired, 2 - eating in eden, 3 - cosmic balzac (name of the bong), 4 - sick of my world, 5 - be somebody, 6 - tears of the cherokee



Melissa Bryan - "Days Past Long"

Melissa Bryan - "Rock 'n' Roll Saved My Life Last Night"

Rhett & Dean - "Never Retired"

Rhett & Dean - "Eating in Eden"

Rhett & Dean - "Cosmic Balzac (Name of the Bong)"

Rhett & Dean - "Sick of my World"

Rhett & Dean - "Be Somebody"

Rhett & Dean - "Tears of the Cherokee"

Followed By Static - "Nightmares"

Followed By Static - "Chub"