March 18, 2012: Day 6, Sunday

South by Sunday is always the best!
I spent most of the day at Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest @Side Bar and stepped over to Beerland for a few bands.
Here's the breakdown:
Carletta Sue Kay @Beerland;
Freshkills, Golden Boys, Purple Stickpin, Air Traffic Controllers, Hot Cha Cha, Kay Leotard, Zoltars, Melissa Bryan, Doug Gillard, Drunken Prayer, Jon Langford and Chums, Aaron Blount, The Ripe, Forever Changes, Crack Pipes @Side Bar;
Vockah Redu, OBN IIIs @Beerland;
December Boys, Church Shoes, Hex Dispensers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Ugly Beats, A Giant Dog @Side Bar.
And that's it! I think there were another band playing after A Giant Dog, but their set was so good that it was the perfect way to end the week.

Now here's some PICS...

And here's some VIDS...

Carletta Sue Kay - "Pretty Inside"

Golden Boys - "Goddamn I Love the Ocean"

Kay Leotard

The Ripe - "Neverending"