June 13, 2015: HexDispensersLungLetters

Opening scenes from the Hex Dispensers' instore at End of an Ear; closing scenes from Beerland with Uncle Jesus and Lung Letters.



Hex Dispensers - "HateFace"

Hex Dispensers - "One Less Ghost"

Hex Dispensers - "House of Secrets"

Lung Letters

Lung Letters

June 6, 2015: TrailerSpace[+]Beerland

Opening scenes from Trailer Space Records with Empty Markets and the Golden Boys; closing scenes from Beerland with Super Thief, Evil Triplet and improvisational quartet Art Acevedo.

[Note: Quin Galavís and Graham Low played a fantastic opening set at Beerland. I didn't take any photos of their set because they played with the lights off.]



Empty Markets - "Home Invasion"

The Golden Boys - "Rock With Me Forever"

The Golden Boys - "Sundays with Jackie"

The Golden Boys - "Electric Wolfman"

The Golden Boys - "Goddamn I Love the Ocean"

The Golden Boys - "Bongos Bongos Bongos"

The Golden Boys - "Older Than You"

Evil Triplet - "How Does It Feel to Feel"/"Post Group Date Scene"

Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo

June 5, 2015: KOSL/Sheiks/JackO

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, The Sheiks, and Jack Oblivian (with the Sheiks).



Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Phoenix Sunrise"

The Sheiks

Jack Oblivian and the Sheiks - "Old Folks Boogie"

May 30, 2015: For Jordan

Scenes from the benefit for Jordan at Beerland with The Stuffies, Sailor Poon, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers and The Gospel Truth.



The Stuffies - "Yr Debris"

The Stuffies - "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"

The Stuffies - "Shudder"

The Stuffies - "Miracle"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Maximum Volume Minimum Wage"

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "The Well"

The Gospel Truth - "The Hunter"

The Gospel Truth - "Artifact"

May 29, 2015: The Inhalants!!! Stretford!!!

Scenes from CHEPO-RAMA (a benefit for Chepo Peña) at Hole in the Wall with The Inhalants!
I also saw Stretford's unannounced set, but I didn't take photos since they only played 4 songs and I recorded all of those on video.



The Inhalants - "Middle Ages"

The Inhalants - "Kolchak"

The Inhalants - "Shrunken Head"

The Inhalants - "Mad Scramble"

The Inhalants - "Misanthrope"

Stretford - "Digital Clock"

Stretford - "Zerox Love"

Stretford - "Girl I Used to Know"

Stretford - "Mrs. Jones"

May 28, 2015: Meet Your Death [] Ugly Beats

Scenes from the Sahara Lounge with Meet Your Death and The Ugly Beats.



Meet Your Death - "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Meet Your Death - "Elephant Man"

Meet Your Death - "Tracking the Dog"

Meet Your Death - "Obeah Man"

The Ugly Beats - "Summer's Gone"

The Ugly Beats - "Washboard"

The Ugly Beats - "If I Were a Carpenter"

The Ugly Beats - "In Her Orbit"

The Ugly Beats - "Janie"

The Ugly Beats - "Motor"