February 22, 2015: Ryan's birthday party

Scenes from Ryan's birthday party at GhostCat Lounge with Space Battle, ¿Qué Pasa? and The Slizz.



Space Battle - "Space Battle"

Space Battle - "Meant For Me"

¿Qué Pasa? - "Lies"

¿Qué Pasa? - "El ayer"

¿Qué Pasa? - "My Family"

The Slizz - "Picked Over"

February 21, 2015: ST||TGT||J&TU||JWC

Scenes from Hotel Vegas with Sweet Talk, The Gospel Truth, James and the Ultrasounds and John Wesley Coleman.



Sweet Talk - "Little Runner"

Sweet Talk - "Lights Go Out"

The Gospel Truth - "The Belt"

The Gospel Truth - "You Don't Want Me"

John Wesley Coleman - "Flower in the Dark"

February 19, 2015: Chicon record release show

Scenes from Hole in the Wall for Chicon's record release show with The Ugly Beats.



The Ugly Beats - "Brand New Day"

The Ugly Beats - "I Can't Hide"

The Ugly Beats - "In Her Orbit"

Chicon - "Toxic Summer"

Chicon - "Time is a Killer"

Chicon - "Roman"

Chicon - "Ayahuasca Eyes"

February 14, 2015: RR VD

Opening scenes from Mohawk with The Stabbies and Flash Boys; middle scenes from Cheer Up Charlie's with Church Shoes; closing scenes from Beerland with Borzoi.



The Stabbies - "Rise Up"

Flash Boys - "Shitty Things"

Church Shoes - "Fort Wayne Woman"

Church Shoes - "Loose Teeth"

Church Shoes - "High and Naked"

Borzoi - "Adult Contemporary"

Borzoi - "Online Customer Comments"

Borzoi - "Sexy Leper"

February 13, 2015: Ish's Merry New Year

Scenes from Ish's birthday party @Trailer Space with Nameless Frames, Boss Eye and XETAS.



Nameless Frames - "Put It Back"

Nameless Frames - "I Don't Know"

Boss Eye - "Albino Blood"

Februrary 12, 2015: Sahara Vegas

Opening and closing scenes from Sahara Lounge with Saucerians and ¿Qué Pasa?; middle scenes from Hotel Vegas with Idle Déclassé.



Saucerians - "Studio F"

Saucerians - "The Clam"

Idle Déclassé - "Sleazy Street"

Idle Déclassé - "Hotel Fever"

Idle Déclassé - "Lying in English"

¿Qué Pasa? - "Tú y yo"

¿Qué Pasa? - "Mis botas están hechas para caminar"

¿Qué Pasa? - "Puro party"

February 9, 2015: TDS||MYD

Scenes from Red 7 with The Dead Space and Meet Your Death.



The Dead Space - "Animal"

Meet Your Death - "If You Live"

Meet Your Death - "If Tomorrow Never comes"

Meet Your Death - "Tracking the Dog"

Meet Your Death - "Straight, Hard and Long"

Meet Your Death - "Love and Death"

Meet Your Death - "Obeah Man"

February 7, 2015: BS|SP|TBR|X

Scenes from Mohawk outside stage with Burnt Skull and Spray Paint; followed by scenes from Beerland with The Blood Royale; final scenes from Mohawk inside stage with XETAS.



Burnt Skull - "Harm"

Burnt Skull - "God Hole"

Spray Paint - "Pink Pus"

Spray Paint - "Ultimate Umpire"

XETAS - "The Redeemer"

XETAS - "The Tether"

January 30, 2015: Nameless Frames +

Scenes from Beerland with Nameless Frames, Ex-Legionnaires, Swami Thump, Gory Details and Drags.



Nameless Frames - "Exploitation"

Nameless Frames - "Cross"

Nameless Frames - "Control"