December 20, 2014: JonathanTrailerSpace//12XUBeerland

Opening scenes from Trailer Space with Jonathan Horne, followed by (I think) Spencer Dobbs; remaining scenes from the 12XU holiday party at Beerland, with John Schooley and Walter Daniels, Jonly Bonly, Xetas, The Dead Space and The Flesh Lights.



John Schooley and Walter Daniels - "All Around Man"

Jonly Bonly - "You Want It"

Jonly Bonly - "Uninspired"

Xetas - "The Redeemer"

Xetas - "The Sentence"

Xetas - "The Tether"

The Dead Space - "You're Fake"

The Dead Space - "Behind the Wall"

Flesh Lights - "Free Yourself"

Flesh Lights - "Big Break"

December 14, 2014: WB_GG_SC&TB

Scenes from Beerland with Wet Brain, Ghetto Ghouls and Shaft City & The Ballz.



Ghetto Ghouls - "Plastic Violence"

Ghetto Ghouls - "Mountain"

December 12, 2014: AA+AuH

Scenes from Trailer Space with Art Acevedo and Abigail und Hansel.



Art Acevedo - "Best Bet"

Art Acevedo - "God & Cop Save Themselves But Warn They Can't Always Be There"

Art Acevedo - "Attention!"

Art Acevedo - "Always Something"

December 7, 2014: Good Vibrations, Day 4

Scenes from the fourth and final day of Good Vibrations Festival @The Grand, with Beth Israel, Giorgio Murderer and the Shitty Beach Boys.



Beth Israel

Giorgio Murderer - "Theme from Star Trek"

December 6, 2014: Good Vibrations, Day 3

Scenes from the third day of Good Vibrations Festival @Hotel Vegas and Gypsy Lounge with Flash Boys, Talk Sick Brats, Shady and the Vamp, Martin Savage Gang, Flesh Lights, Dancer, Ghetto Ghouls, Dinos Boys, The Dead Space, Total Abuse, Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Crooked Bangs, The Spits (not pictured), Nameless Frames, Manateees and Spray Paint.



Flash Boys - "She Don't Care"

Flash Boys - "All Night Long"

Talk Sick Brats

Martin Savage Gang - "Duration"

Martin Savage Gang

Flesh Lights - "Flashback"

Ghetto Ghouls

Ghetto Ghouls - "Plants"

The Dead Space - "Animal"

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks - "I Ruined My Life"

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks - "Police of Shit"

Nameless Frames - "Permanent Solution"

December 5, 2014: Good Vibrations, Day 2

Scenes from the second day of Good Vibrations Festival @Hotel Vegas with Pookie & the Poodlez (w/ATX rhythm section), The Bad Lovers, Dirty Fences, Bad Sports, Hector's Pets and The Blind Shake!



Bad Sports - "Nothing in This World"

The Blind Shake

The Blind Shake - "Can't Stand Life"

December 4, 2014: Good Vibrations, Day 1

Scenes from the first day of Good Vibrations Festival @Hotel Vegas, with Dick Sex, Pharaohs, Sweat Lodge and The Wolf.



Dick Sex

Dick Sex

Pharaohs - "Party in the U.S.A."

Pharaohs - "Lock Me Out"

Sweat Lodge - "Banshee Call"

The Wolf - "Willow"

The Wolf - "Please Be Mine"

December 3, 2014: Moonsicles+ArtAcevedo

Scenes from Cheer Up Charlie's with Moonsicles and Art Acevedo.



Art Acevedo - "Shot in the Dark"

Art Acevedo - "Talking 'Bout Us"

Art Acevedo - "Playground Patrol"