January 21, 2012: Ugly Beats, French Inhales

Ugly Beats at the last Fuzz Club for a long while. French Inhales at the Scoot Inn.

A few PICS...

A couple of VIDS...

Ugly Beats playing "I'm the One"

French Inhales playing "Burn the Letter"

January 20, 2012: TB, ATC, FM, Ch

The Best, Air Traffic Controllers and Foreign Mothers @Beerland. And a nice capper to the evening with the Chumps @Legendary White Swan.

Here are some PICS...

And VIDS of Air Traffic Controllers, Foreign Mothers and the Chumps!

Air Traffic Controllers - "Let's Send Christian Bland To Mars"

Foreign Mothers - "Plan B (dead inside"

Chumps - cover of "The Cops are Coming"

Chumps - "I Got a Problem"

January 15, 2012: SSSSERPENTSSSS, Lost Controls, Rhett & Dean

House party with the debut of SsserpentssS plus Lost Controls and Rhett & Dean!


And VIDS...


Lost Controls - "Just Like High School"/"High School Girls"

Rhett and Dean

January 13, 2012: Sons of Hercules and Amplified Heat

Amplified Heat and Sons of Hercules @Beerland!

Here are a few PICS...

And here is a VID of the Sons of Hercules playing "Different Kind of Ugly"...

January 7, 2012: Crisis Hotlines/Manikin/Nervebreakers

Kickass show with Crisis Hotlines, Manikin and Nervebreakers @Ruta Maya.

Here's the PICS...

As usual, here's some VIDS to be filed under "Can't leave well enough alone"...

Crisis Hotlines - "Flying Razorblades"

Crisis Hotlines - "Punch Me in the Face"

Manikin - "Leaders"

Manikin - "Red Song"

January 6, 2012: Free Week Friday

Friday of Free Week @Beerland with Church Shoes, Golden Boys, Pharaohs and OBN IIIs

First, the PICS...

Next, some VIDS...

Church Shoes

Golden Boys - "Goddamn I Love the Ocean"

Golden Boys - "Older Than You"

OBN IIIs - "Runnin on Fumes"

January 5, 2012: Free Week Thursday

Free Week Thursday with Gospel Truth @29th St. Ballroom, Crooked Bangs @Beerland, Grand Champeen and A Giant Dog @Red 7, and Dikes of Holland back @Beerland.

 Here are some PICS...

 And here are some VIDS...

 Crooked Bangs - "20th Century Mind"

Crooked Bangs - "Shrill"

Crooked Bangs - "Blood Castle"

Grand Champeen - "Different Sort of Story"

Grand Champeen - "Fakin' It"

A Giant Dog

January 4, 2012: Free Week Wednesday

Free Week Wednesday @29th St. Ballroom with Planets and No Mas Bodas.

First, a few PICS...

And now, a couple of VIDS...

Planets - "Get It Done"

Planets - "Drug Song"

No Mas Bodas - "Jungle"

January 3, 2012: Free Week Tuesday

Free Week Tuesday @Beerland with Rhett and Dean, Air Traffic Controllers, ST-37 and Coma in Algiers
Here are some PICS...

And a couple of VIDS...
Rhett and Dean...
Coma in Algiers...

December 31, 2011: NYE 1977 @29th St. Ballroom

New Year's Eve @29th St. Ballroom with a '77 theme. Local musicians paid musical tribute to Suicide, Black Sabbath, The Runaways, Talking Heads, Bowie, Cheap Trick, B-52's, Blondie, and Suicide again.

 Here are some PICS from the evening...

Here are some VIDS...

Neon Angels (as The Runaways)...

Neon Angels (as The Runaways) playing "Cherry Bomb".

Roky Moon and Bolt (as Bowie) doing "Rebel Rebel".

Dikes of Holland (as The B-52's) playing "52 Girls".

Mark Tonucci and Jaime Zuverza (as Suicide) playing "Rocket U.S.A."

December 28, 2011: OBN IIIs @Emo's

The OBN IIIs rocked the hell out of Emo's. One of the best shows of the year!

Again, it sucked that I couldn't get any video because I my extra battery and charger were unavailable to me for a couple of days.

December 27, 2011: Knife in the Water, Glorium, December Boys, The Black

Benefit for Jonathan Toubin @Emo's with the Black, December Boys, Glorium and Knife in the Water. All the bands were great, I'm glad I finally got to see Knife in the Water, and Glorium was electrifying!

Bummed that I couldn't get any video because my battery was running low and I didn't have my extra battery.