December 22, 2011: Gospel Truth, The Young, Dikes of Holland

The Gospel Truth, The Young and Dikes of Holland at one of the last shows @Emo's on Red River and it was a fun one.

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDS...

Gospel Truth

The Young - "Smiling God"

Dikes of Holland - "Annabel"

December 18, 2011: Simple Circuit and Flesh Lights

Simple Circuit and Flesh Lights @Beerland for Gerard, Jeremy and Renate's birthday party.

Here are some PICS...

And here are some VIDS...

Simple Circuit - "Get Hid"

Simple Circuit - "Sattrash"

Flesh Lights - "Military Drive"

Flesh Lights - "Mr. Resistible"

Flesh Lights - "Novel"

December 17, 2011: All over the damn place

Saturday night was so frickin fun! Soulphonics and Ugly Beats @Legendary White Swan (early show), Candi and the Cavities and Manikin (with special guest George Stevenson) @Bernadette's, Shit Creek and Crisis Hotlines @Legendary White Swan (late show) and the OBN IIIs @Beerland!

Here are some PICS...

And some VIDS...

Ugly Beats - "KO'd"

Manikin - "Fumes"

Crisis Hotlines - "A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L."

December 16, 2011: Smithers, The Extravaganza, Planets

Smithers, The Extravaganza and Planets rocked it @Legendary White Swan. Dang, I get winded just watching Yazzie jump around. Scroll down to check out the Yazzercise video and some footage of The Extravaganza.



Smithers - "You Can't Go Back"

The Extravaganza - "Blackout"

The Extravaganza - "For Me"

The Extravaganza - "I'm Done"

December 15, 2011: Dead End Cruisers, Chumps, Jesus Christ Superfly

One of the Emo's farewell shows featuring some bands that started up in the '90s. It was a hell of a good time. See below for some pics and video of 3 Chumps songs.



Chumps - "I'm a Chump"

Chumps - "Punch Mama"

Chumps - "Kill All Musicians"

December 10, 2011: Sons of Hercules, Bad Lovers, Tempo Tantrums

It had been almost 9 months since I saw a Sons of Hercules show and damn, did I miss them. They played a great show at the 29th St. Ballroom with the excellent Bad Lovers and the always exuberant Tempo Tantrums! 3 of my faves! It was beautiful.

Here are some PICS of the show...

And here are some VIDS...

Before the Tempo Tantrums started, Danny played a little holiday music. Check it out here:

After that, the Tempo Tantrums got to rocking. Here's "First Plane Out":

Tempo Tantrums - "Ixnay On The Eerbay"

Tempo Tantrums - "Kathleen"

I also got video of two other Tempo Tantrums songs. You can check 'em here and there.

Bad Lovers - "I'm So Down"

Bad Lovers - (I don't know the title to this song yet).

Bad Lovers - (I don't know this song's title either).

Sons of Hercules - "Once I Was"

Sons of Hercules - "IOU Nothing"

December 3, 2011: House Party and Frontier Bar

The party @Eric Unusual's house for Suzanne, Eric and Jillian's birthday was a total rocker, courtesy of Queen St., We Know Where You Live, Bad Lovers and the Flash Boys! Scroll down after the pics for some video from the party.

My rock and roll nightcap was provided by the Ugly Beats @Frontier Bar.
I missed the Strange Attractors' set and most of The Ripe's set @Frontier. One of these days I'll figure out how to be in two places at once.

Here are some PICS...

and some VIDS...

We Know Where You Live playing a song...

We Know Where You Live playing "Bills"

Bad Lovers playing "Actin' Strange"

Bad Lovers playing "I'm So Down"

Flash Boys playing "Move"

Flash Boys playing "Dead at the Bus Stop"

Flash Boys playing "Eaten Alive"

December 2, 2011: Hotel Vegas and Beerland

Early show (too early) @Hotel Vegas. Unfortunately, I missed most of Air Traffic Controllers' set at said early show (dang!), but on the plus side, Rhett and Dean and the French Inhales helped me move on.

And so, move on I did... to Beerland to see Gospel Truth, Cause for Applause and Natural Child. Two great shows in one night. It was a beautiful thing indeed.

Here are some PICS for your perusal...

I got some VIDS of Rhett and Dean and the French Inhales @Hotel Vegas and the Gospel Truth @Beerland....

Rhett and Dean

Rhett and Dean playing "Never Going Back"

French Inhales playing "Small Amongst Giants

French Inhales playing "Bored and Lonely"

French Inhales playing a new song, "White Out the World"

French Inhales playing "Everything Pure"

Gospel Truth playing "Never Gonna Go"

Gospel Truth playing a tune tentatively called "What Keeps You Up at Night"

November 27, 2011: The Ripe @Club DeVille

A few pics from The Ripe's show @Club DeVille. There's also video of them playing "Joni" and "Headless Heart".



The Ripe - "Joni"

The Ripe - "Headless Heart"