March 15, 2017: Wednesday

Opening, intermediate, and closing scenes from the Super Secret Records show at Beerland with Adam Busch, Western Homes, ST 37, Nameless Frames, Coma in Algiers (on the patio), Unknown Relatives, improvisational quartet Art Acevedo, and Lung Letters; intermediate scenes from Uncle Doug and Aunt Karla's Utterly Disappointing Hardcore Matinee at the Side Bar with My Expansive Awareness, The Ugly Beats, John Wesley Coleman. Strange Squares, SXSW (the band), and Creepoid; penultimate scenes from Half-Step with Silverio.


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Nameless Frames

Adam Busch

Western Homes

The Ugly Beats

ST 37

John Wesley Coleman

Strange Squares

Nameless Frames


Coma in Algiers

Improvisational quartet Art Acevedo


Lung Letters


Western Homes - "Free Throws"

Western Homes - "Ángel"

The Ugly Beats - "Motor"

ST 37 - "War Fever"

SXSW (the band) - "Motel"

Nameless Frames - "She's an Oddity"

Coma in Algiers - "Sex with an Invalid"

Improvisational quartet Art Acevedo - "The Me Age"

Improvisational quartet Art Acevedo - "Art for Autocrat"

Silverio - "Yepa Yepa Yepa"

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